Choice, Our Strength Or Weakness

You can be happy and content or unhappy and miserable. The choice is yours. You are, what you choose.

Are you surprised that you have this power? Did you think that “things” just happen, or that your life is completely predetermined? In reality, your happiness or unhappiness is determined by whether you are under the influence of a positive or negative mental attitude. And which attitude you have is your choice.

Our power of choice can be our strength or it can be our weakness.  It all depends on the choices we make. The RIGHT choices are our strength. They bring happiness, health, and an enjoyable, productive life. The WRONG choices are our weakness. They bring misery, sickness, and a depressing, aimless life.

We can, through our conscious mind, control our emotions and feelings, if we choose to do so. Our thoughts, are the one thing we possess, over which we alone have complete control, through choice. Our feelings and emotions come from our thoughts.

You must understand the incredible power of your mind for strength or weakness. Your power of choice makes the difference. It is the thoughts and concepts in your mind that make you happy or miserable. You, and you alone, choose what thoughts will occupy your mind.

Your choices form your philosophy of life. One of the most important choices should be the enjoyment of life. Because if you don’t knowhow to enjoy life, you’re going to be a burden to yourself and to others.

You are the product of your heredity, environment, physical body, conscious and subconscious mind and experiences. You have the power of choice, in which you can affect, use, control, or harmonize with all of the above. So you are, also, the product of your choices.

Be it physically, mentally, or emotionally, we have choices to make. Your whole being, who you are, your identity, stem from what choices you make.

Physically, you can choose to be optimistic  and relax and be healthy. Or you can choose to race your human motor and clog it up with fear thoughts leading to a breakdown.

Mentally, you must choose the right thoughts. You must put good quality thoughts in your mind. This will give you a contented mind. You will be able to think clearly.

Emotionally, when you make the right choices, such as optimism, positivity, and purposeful living, you will feel good and your emotions will work for you.

Make the wrong choices, such as worry or fear, you are misusing your emotions and they will work against you.

So, why use your power of choice to make yourself weak, miserable, and sick? This misuse of your power will only make you ineffective in dealing with life.

Why not use your power of choice to make yourself strong, happy and healthy? Use your power  to cultivate your own beautiful garden in life.

Strength or weakness, the CHOICE is yours.

4 thoughts on “Choice, Our Strength Or Weakness

  1. Good words! I’m a strong believer in one’s choices shaping their lives. I have a brother who always envied my financial success, but he made his choices to live life differently. Always ticked me off that he was bitter about it. I worked by butt off for what I have. I’m retired and still working. Writing IS work!

  2. I am a reader and believer in Eckhardt Tolle and his book “A New Earth”. He basically says the same things you are talking about. It is not easy to change your life but it is possible. It just takes time and effort and the desire to really change. I am still in the process of this change but life is much better now than it has ever been.

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