Raffish Men

I saw a magazine article the other day calling men, “raffish” people. It made me a little angry to say the least.

What’s wrong with being “raffish”, a bit of a jack the lad? I think if us men were more raffish there would be better family life and less divorce. What would ensure a happy marriage?

I think a husband and wife would get on like a “house a fire” if the men would say to their wives:

“Honey, you have great legs and a great bottom!”

My long lost cousin agrees with me, wholeheartedly.

It’s very strange that men talk about other men’s wives, how they have fine legs and bottoms, also airline stewardesses, waitresses, well, you get the idea. They compliment many females who aren’t their wives.

When talking to their wives, it’s usually:

“Don’t forget to take the car in for service.”

“While you’re up, get me a beer.”

“What’s for dinner?”

With remarks like that, women start to lose their identities!

At a party, I was at recently, a husband said to his wife:

“I’ll have one more cocktail for the road. You drive.”

Instead, he should have said:

“Have you folks noticed that my wife has great legs and a great ass?”

Believe me, your wife would be absolutely delighted, and maybe a little surprised.

Now, I know a lot of men will say:

“I can’t say things like that about my wife, it would be too embarrassing.”

Well, if that’s the way they feel, they will probably, someday, hear their wife say to them:

“You’re Fired!”

7 thoughts on “Raffish Men

  1. I agree, but when I say things like that she wants to get frisky, and I’m not as young as I use to be, but then who is, so I just tell her how much I love her all the time.

  2. I don’t know if I can be described as RAFFISH, but I am going to try and tell my bride of 51 years that she has great legs and a terrific rear.
    I will try it for Mother’s Day next month. I hope she doesn’t fire me.
    Dave’s so much fun to read.
    Larry Primak

  3. My wife was naked, looking in the mirror. She commented “I look fat. My stomach is sagging. My butt looks very large.” She asked me to give her a compliment. I said “your eyesight is perfect”.
    The hospital said I should be released in a day or two.

  4. I had to get out my little red dictionary and look up raffish!
    Not sure I agree on this one, especially not the part about saying it in public. Now, in the bedroom? That might get him a few points.
    Sincere compliments and daily signs of affection will get you guys a lot farther with women!

  5. I’m very lucky to have a boyfriend who compliments me a lot,but men can be fickle for the assets of a female and forget which side their bread is buttered!

  6. I just want to make sure I’ve understood this. So, I tell the better-half that she has a nice ass and she keeps her identity? Is that right?

    Who gets me the beer?

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