The Dream

It was late and I was slowly drifting away into unconsciousness, which is sleep to you and me.

“Hey, where are we?” They all said in unison.

My four friends were seated on the green padded stools in “Dave’s Watering Hole”, located in downtown Chicago. We were all lined up together at the bar, Tom, Larry, Marla, Cousin Jim and myself. It was great to be altogether, ready to have a party.

Tom, my boyhood classmate, going back to 1st grade, 68 years ago, was here in person. We didn’t see or hear from each other since we graduated High School at 18! We met again on facebook after 55 years.

Larry, started reading my blogs late at night or early in the morning, and commenting. His comments are always interesting and to the point.

Marla, my writer friend, who keeps me on the straight and narrow when it comes to writing.

Cousin Jim, aka the Long Lost Cousin, has a good heart and always has a joke handy. He is really my cousin on my mother’s side!

“Set them up bartender, it’s my treat,” I said, enthusiastically.

“Oh, this is great to get together,” said Larry.

“Beer for Cousin Jim, cocktails for Tom and Larry, a margarita for Marla, and brandy for me.”

Marla got off of her stool and started dancing a salsa with an imaginary partner!

“There is a saying, that everyone should have at least four friends. One to talk to and three to talk about. But, I’ve got four friends that I can party with!”

We all met, with me writing and the other four reading and commenting on “Writer Dave’s Blog”. When I created the Blog, I acquired four loyal readers who I greatly appreciate.

“I always thought we might meet someday,” said Tom.

“I, too, always wanted to get together,” said Larry.

“I wanted to meet Writer Dave because he has supplied me with many laughs, which always lighten my day,” said Marla.

“I’m a down to earth guy, and I always enjoy my cousin’s stories,” said LLC.

“And here we all are, let’s party,” I said.

Marla said: “I’ve sold over a million copies of my book!”

“Hey Marla, did you ever live in a basement apartment?”

“No, I haven’t, why do you want to know?”

“Because you’ve wrote a best CELLAR!”

Everyone laughed!

Tom went to the jukebox and put on Elvis’ record, “Let’s Have A Party”.

Everybody in Dave’s Watering Hole was jiving away!

“Breaking News! Writer Dave’s Blog has gone viral, with 500,000 readers, and they all promise to buy his forthcoming ebook,” said the TV newsreader.

The entire tavern broke out in a cheer!

Larry said: “Hugh Hefner wants me to be a PR again for Playboy.”

“That’s great, Larry, you always enjoyed that job.”

Tom said: “Andrew Lloyd Webber wants me to take the lead in his new Broadway play!”

“Tom, you will be a STAR,” I said.

Another News Flash came on the TV: “Cousin Jim has won a trip to Disneyland for his entire family.”

“Cousin, you will be a kid again with your grandchildren,” I exclaimed.

More drinks, bartender, all our dreams are coming true!”

These are my friends and we all finally met in person. Tom and I knew each other as children, now we meet as adults. The others I met by internet connection.

“Sometimes in everyone’s life, we get down and our inner fire goes out. It then bursts into flame again by an encounter with other human beings. You four people have rekindled my inner fire!”

We all cheered!

All of a sudden, I sat up in my bed. Shaking the grogginess from my head, I remembered an email I had recently from Tom.

I had just emailed him to tell him of my dream, that we would all meet for a party someday.

And Tom said: “It’s a wonderful dream but it’s good we have the internet to connect us. We may see each other again and we may not. Either way, we are friends and I am grateful.”

I smiled to myself, and laid my head down again on my pillow, hoping I could re-enter my dream!

PS- Writer Dave’s novel, “WEB OF GUILT”, coming soon on Amazon Kindle.

7 thoughts on “The Dream

  1. hey cousin, why are you so cheep when it comes to your loving cousin Jim. You know I prefer whiskey seven in a large glass but all I get is a beer? I did like the part about Disneyland but Disneyworld is far much better. Oh well, sweet dreams cousin and keep writing down your dreams so we all can analyze them for you. L.L.C. Jim

  2. Wow. That was quite a blog. You actually made me cry. I know exactly how you feel. I am grateful for your friendship Dave. I feel close to LLC Jim and Marla. Larry is my neighbor and good friend. We are all friends in Daves world. Thank you Dave, for bringing us together.

  3. Tom Mitchel said:
    My friend, Dave, in England writes a blog. He put me in this one. I hope you’ll read it and maybe follow his writings. He is a talented and thoughtful man.

    Thanks Tom for the kind words, I hope people will follow your suggestion.
    Writer Dave

  4. There are dreams, some good, some bad, some sensual and some frightening; but the dream I have a share in is not mine but from the mind of writer Dave Weiss.
    His style is a new form of prose, and while I wouldn’t compare it to let’s say, War and Peace,I would recommend Writer Dave’s blogs to everyone who enjoys smart thought and style in an easy and refreshing read.
    Larry Primak

  5. Michael Miraglia said:
    Dave, I enjoyed “The Dream”. Nothing is impossible with the mind and our dreams! That’s one place friends from around the world can get together anytime you think of them. I always wanted to see Tom in one of his plays and maybe someday I will and if I can’t, I can always dream! One thing I’ll always remember about Tom is when he use to call out, “Calls Waiting!!”

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