Political Nightmare!

My eyes opened, it was morning. I couldn’t move, it was sleep paralysis affecting me. I remembered the dream I had during my fitful sleep. I also remembered that I had a bad day the day before.

Some faceless person said to me:

“People don’t look at the Big Picture of life today! We are all going to die. Homo Sapiens will go extinct. The Sun will burn out and the Universe will collapse. Existence is temporary and pointless. We are all doomed!”

“I can see why people don’t want to look at the Big Picture,” I said.

Mr. Faceless said:

“Well, at least, it puts a bad day in perspective!”

So true, I thought.

Well, back to my dream. By the way I was still in paralysis!

I dreamt that an election was going on somewhere and when they opened the boxes, all the ballots were BLANK! Modern politics had become meaningless to the people.

There was a faceless person in my dream also. He said:

“Politics has descended into a struggle for power among a few unrepresentative elites. They ignore the views of the ordinary people who elected them.”

Mr. Faceless seemed to know what he was talking about.

“Why are politicians hell bent on getting us involved in foreign wars?” I said.

“Because they are seduced by the glamour of international statesmanship. It’s an ego thing,” said Faceless.

He continued:

“Domestic politics is too narrow in scope for the politicians. The problems of the electorate are not glamorous!”

Faceless kept talking:

“Another nightmare is Political Correctness.”

“What is that exactly?” I asked, to see if Faceless had a good definition.

“Well, it is a term which denotes language, ideas, policies and behavior aimed at minimizing offense and discrimination against supposedly disadvantaged people.”

“Sounds like a controlling and censoring strategy to me.”

“That’s right. The PC People are holding all the political parties down. None of them dare to put forth any policy that is not politically correct. So, we have all the big parties occupying the Center Ground.” Faceless was getting angry now. I knew because his voice was getting higher pitched.

“So, it’s pointless to bother to vote!” I said.

“You’ve got it in one.”

It was slightly disconcerting talking to someone who I couldn’t see any facial expressions.

“It’s the “Career Politicians” that are ruining our government.”

“How’s that?”

“They’re a self-seeking bunch that aren’t in the real world. They went to college then got a job helping a politician, and then they figured they could do the job themselves. They never held down a proper job, they have no business skills, hold no real political views, and they survive by being politically correct and sitting on the fence.”

“Well, from what you’ve told me, political correctness has thrown common sense out the window!”

Mr. Faceless was on a roll now:

“Political correctness is an attack on critical thinking, free speech and discussion. God help you if you offend anyone!”

“From what you’ve said, it sounds like PC could be the death of democracy!”

“That’s right.” He frowned.

“The dreaded PC has even killed our comedy! I’ve got a joke for you,” said Faceless, “I’ll tell you later!”

I got out of bed, my paralysis was gone!

12 thoughts on “Political Nightmare!

  1. Enjoyed this a lot Dave, seems you are back on form. glad to see you here again, missed you.Hope all is well and we shall see you back over at Writers on the Same Page soon. The comp ends this week so if you want to enter, write 500 words on Summer Solstice and post.
    I hope the paralysis stays away!!

  2. God forbid anyone is offended by anything! Hense no hymns in school, councils can’t put up Christmas decorations etc. Personally celebrate yule but still…!! When in Rome…
    when in England, however, so long as ur not actually English U can get or do whatever the *censored* U like!!!
    Rant over x

  3. David: Your latest blog is a real sleeper. No wonder you require a good rest. You have more action going on in your dream than I have awake, and that includes faceless
    beings with a handle on today’s political arena. Give it a read folks even if you are apolitical.
    Larry Primak

  4. I enjoyed that Dave. Good on you for speaking about political correctness when most are too scared of the PC police to voice their opinion. We should all be more vocal about how PC has made our world a crazy place to be in.

  5. It sounds to me like you were talking to yourself, all the comments are your’s to begin with, and I must admit that I agree with you, but the next time faceless shows up, just look in the mirror you have on the ceiling and you can talk to yourself face to face!

  6. Well, that’s pretty accurate assessment of the politics of fear. Personally I think it all went to pot when politics became a career choice instead of service to country….

  7. I agree with the last comment service to ones country
    is much better then a career choice.
    But I do agree with your views Dave.

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