ESP, To Believe Or Not Believe!

My Long Lost Cousin and I were seated on our favorite green padded stools in our favorite watering hole.

“My watch has stopped again,” said LLC.

“Better put it in for repair.”

“No, no, cousin, all my clocks in my house are stopping intermittently, lately!”

“Are there ghosts in your house?’ I laughed.

“I’ve also had a lot of déjà vu lately and premonitions too. I think I have a gift!”

“What kind of gift is that?”

“The gift of ESP of course, cousin!”

“Oh no, not another Paranormal in the family!”

My cousin nodded and smiled.

“Do you really believe in that hokum?” I said.

“Yes, I do. You and I are different, cousin. Remember I predicted my granddad’s death on his 90th birthday, and it happened! I still see him in my dreams.”

“Any other experiences?” I prompted.

“Yes, in a diner, the other day, I ordered a ham sandwich on rye with cheddar cheese. But a few moments later, I thought I would rather have provolone cheese on it. I didn’t bother to change my order. When the waitress returned with my sandwich, it had provolone on it! She must have received my thoughts.”

“Well, I know there is a lot of ESP experiences going around. It amazes me WHY so many people believe even though the evidence for ESP is unreliable according to scientists.”

“Why is that, cousin?”

“Since you’ve been talking a lot, lately, about your weird experiences, I’ve been thinking about the reason why credulity is so high even though science rebuts it.”

“You read a lot about ESP in the papers and magazines,” said LLC.

“You’ve hit the nail on the head there, cousin.”

“I have?”

“Yes, you have. Spectacular stories of paranormal activity are well reported in the media. It sells newspapers, magazines and books. So people are more likely to read about support for ESP than see or hear any evidence that will challenge its validity.”

“It almost seems like I “WILL” myself to believe,” said my cousin.

“That’s another interesting point. Shall we have another drink? Bartender, another beer for my cousin and I think this time I’ll have a whiskey on the rocks.”

We both took a sip of our drinks and savored them!

“Now, about people’s WILL to believe in ESP. The existence of ESP gives people COMFORT because it suggests that there is a “greater reality” a “spirit life”, if you will, that we don’t fully understand.”

“What are you saying, cousin?”

“I’m saying that people like the possibility for some part of us to survive death! Most people would want a slice of immortality and ESP keeps that dream alive!”

“That’s all very interesting. Anymore explanations for ESP?”

“Yes, now that you ask, we all have an “outer space” and an “inner space”. Our  “outer space” is the world outside ourselves, our society. Our “inner space” is accessed through introspection and meditation. It opens up a perspective of our mind and spirit. You and I, cousin, are the total of all of our past experiences and lessons learned and this starts memories to resurface! It’s this “inner space” that supposedly triggers your ESP!”

I stopped for air and then ordered another beer and whiskey.

“I’ll pass on the beer, cousin, I have to go now. But I’ve discovered the difference between you and me. I TALK TO SPIRITS AND YOU DRINK THEM!”

10 thoughts on “ESP, To Believe Or Not Believe!

  1. I agree, have never spoken to spirits but have drank a few! 😀
    Tho I have had some paranormal experiences so cannot discount these things!

  2. My late mother became friendly w/ a spirtualist ,Kathleen Fleming,in St Annes-on-Sea in the 60s .Kathleen convinced my Mum that HER mum’s spirit was watching over her …..

    Sometime in the 90s I had a boyfriend whose aunt ,Estelle Roberts, was a well-known medium ;she could fill the Albert Hall ! I never met her ….

  3. Thoughts are a form of energy. Energy can be transmitted. Therefore ESP can be real. Our brains are electrical. That’s why I shock myself sometimes when I start thinking. Therefore I will try never to think again.

  4. I believe in ESP. I’ve had several episodes, but I don’t talk about them because I don’t want some Government agency to take me away to study my brain. By the way why are you always buying me beer and you get whiskey you know I don’t care for beer, I like whiskey and soda, I get ESP messages your to cheep to buy your favorite LLC a good drink, and you know ESP doesn’t lie!

  5. I think all of us, if we’re open to it, can admit to having some unexplainable happenings in our lives. I’m a believer, to a degree, based on things that have happened to me.

  6. My husband constantly has these moments when he will guess what is going to be said next on a TV programme, or what song is going to come on next etc. However, he won’t put it to good use and guess the lottery numbers correctly…fails every time!

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