I was having lunch at a restaurant with a friend and he was telling me about an acquaintance of his that was sick and would require a long drawn out treatment. The treatment would not be pleasant and it would go on for weeks!

“He knows he will have to endure it to the end so he can feel good again.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, but there are ways of thinking to help him get through this bad period.”

“What are they?’ My friend asked eagerly.

The waiter came over and asked if we were ready to order.

“Not just yet, but you can bring us a bottle of the house red wine, please.”

“Well, let me start by saying there is something in the center of our being that is a kind of wisdom that sees beyond sickness and unhappiness. It is the part of you that is POSITIVE. It is the part of you that isn’t disturbed when the circumstances of your life go sour.”

We both took a sip of our wine.

“How does this deep part of us stay positive?”

“This place I’m talking about is the center core of you where contentment lives. It is NOT interested in what happens, it is interested in how you RELATE to what happens. In this case your friend’s sickness that requires arduous treatment.”

“How do you tap into this deep core?”

“This core is concerned with your healthy functioning. You have to think good thoughts and you can do this because you are the creator of your thoughts.”

My luncheon mate looked worried.

“But my friend is feeling quite a bit of emotional pain, having to face up to this treatment.”

“That’s why it’s important to concentrate on what kind of thoughts you are having about the illness. It’s the negative thoughts about the condition that creates the emotional pain!”

“I’m confused, it’s so difficult to deal with illness!”

“Of course it’s difficult, BUT, the fact that you MUST see the treatment to the end is all the more reason to think positively and live through it with a peaceful inner feeling, rather than to be eaten up by the illness.”

“Okay, how do you get this good feeling even though you are ill?”

“You vow to yourself that you are going to enjoy every moment as much as you can regardless of the illness and treatment. Think thoughts that inspire you to soldier on. The treatment isn’t going to last forever! Good thoughts will make you feel good. Such is the power of THOUGHT!”

My friend was shaking his head.

“Okay, so how do you get rid of negative thoughts?”

“Your DISMISS them and put good thoughts in your head. You have that CHOICE.”

“It seems to me you’re talking about denying your illness.”

“No, I’m not talking about denial. I’m saying if you are sick you must face the truth. But you don’t have to ruin every moment with bad thinking about your condition. Negative thinking breeds suffering. Try to enjoy the present until the end of the treatment. It will pass quickly. Remember, the NOW is all anyone has.”

“So what’s your final thought on this matter before we order lunch,” said my friend, looking relaxed.

“Know you have the choice to feel good through good thoughts. Live in the present and enjoy it.”


8 thoughts on “FEELING GOOD AGAIN !

  1. Hah! Food, the great healer of all things. It is definitely my favorite medicine.
    Seriously, I’m a proponent of positive thinking, although changing one’s thinking habits requires work and constant awareness.

  2. When I’m sick and go to the Doctor’s office for treatment. I tell him to just get it done and I’ll live through it!

  3. My feelings exactly. I try to live in the “NOW” all the time. Deep breaths are all you need to stop your mind from thinking. Concentrate on the breath and you will see how easy it is. I reccomend “A New Earth” by Eckhardt Tolle. It has changed my life.

  4. I have an old friend from the 50s .Our mums became good friends.
    Her mum developed a brain tumour [benign] wh/ was surgically removed , leaving her w/ an asymmetrical face + other probs .My mum was a tremendous support to her & she made a good recovery.
    Years later, my Mum was not so lucky : struck down by a melanoma & subsequent 2ndary tumour on the brain .She died within the year , in her 50s.
    My friend’s mum lived on ….and there was something for me in her will ……

  5. ” You are the creator of your thoughts ” well said.
    Not to many people know that this is a SECRET of life.
    I have lived like this my whole life.
    I concentrate on what I wish until my wish comes through.Some people call it a miracle I call it a secret of life.Great story on positive thinking.

  6. I love the positivity coming out of this – you are right about trying to stay upbeat and it can only help speed your recovery as well.

    Not always easy though and when you are a ‘glass is half empty’ kind of person, it makes it harder to stay positive. We should all try though.

    I don’t know about food, but red wine always helps my mood!

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