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After a literary lunch I attended, I was walking around central London thinking about my writing, when I found myself outside a pub near the Houses of Parliament. I was thirsty so I went in. I got myself a pint and noticed two groups conversing in adjacent corners of the pub. I sat down on a bench in the middle of the two groups so I could listen to each group’s conversation. They didn’t even notice my presence. There were four men in each group, all wearing dark suits.

One group was discussing the pros and cons of GLOBALIZATION. The other group was arguing whether or not the UK should stay in the EUROPEAN UNION.

“My shirt was made in Thailand, my shoes in China, my phone comes from Japan and my car is German! Nothing I have is made in the UK. Is globalization a good or bad thing?” said a middle-aged, bearded gent.

“I think it is a good thing because the consumer can get products cheaper. It also gives countries a larger market. So if you can buy cheap shoes from China, the UK can concentrate on other things such as British tailoring of musical equipment.

Then a grey-haired fella spoke up:

“Well, I think it is a bad thing because globalization causes unemployment. Firms move their factories where there is cheap labor. Diseases can spread more quickly. Environmental problems increase because factories in other countries don’t have strict pollution laws. The rain forests are disappearing to supply wood to the rich countries.”

There were sour faces in the group. But he continued:

“Many workers in Third World countries are exploited and work in bad conditions just so rich nations can have cheap goods.”

A little fella spoke up:

“How did all this globalization come about?”

An intelligent looking bloke with large spectacles said:

“Well, it is NOT new! People have been trading goods and traveling great distances for thousands of years. In the modern age, it has been moving at a much faster pace. Today it is easier for firms to work in other countries. Technology is rampant, the Internet reaches more customers around the world. We can exchange money and ideas faster and cheaper than ever before.”

One chap stood up like a soldier and concluded:

“Well, there is good and bad things connected to globalization and many challenges will arise that the world will have to face.”

Then a guy slammed his fist on the table and shouted:

“I believe in Nationalism. I devote myself to the interests of my country. I want to emphasize national goals rather than international ones!” The fellow’s eyes were flashing with anger!

Everyone in that group went quiet!

I went for another pint and moved closer to the other group. I wondered if there were any politicians in the two groups.

“Britain would lose about three million jobs if it left the European Union,” said an important looking chap.

“Maybe those jobs would be lost that are dependent on the EU. But the EU would lose four million jobs that are dependent on UK membership. So, it would be silly for them not to trade with the UK. And another thing, The Lisbon Treaty stipulates that the EU must make a trade agreement with any country which leaves the EU!”

“Would the UK economy be hurt by leaving the EU?”

“I don’t think so because the EU and the UK are members of the World Trade Organization. The WTO would limit the amount of tariffs both could apply to each other’s goods. And Europe sells more to the UK than the UK sells to it. The EU needs the UK!”

“I’m a businessman and I am sick of the EU restrictions and rules that really hinder us, they are burdensome and expensive and time consuming! For example, if the US firms can get new products licensed and to market in days, why does it have to take weeks or months in the EU? And also, the EU open border policy is destroying all our infrastructure!”

Everyone was silent for a minute. The men that were for staying in the EU were glaring at the ones that wanted out!

One distinguished looking man broke the silence:

“I don’t think Britain can survive outside the EU as far as trade goes.”

“That’s a complete myth. Japan, the world’s third largest economy, is not in a trading bloc. Anyway, the EU’s share of world Gross Domestic Product is declining. Norway and Switzerland are not in the EU and they export more per capita to the EU than the UK does. So, being out of the EU doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy trading business. Britain’s best trading partners are outside the EU, the USA and Switzerland. Plus the biggest investor in the UK is not an EU country, but the USA!”

By this time everyone in both groups had angry and irritated looks on their faces! They actually looked menacing!

I left the pub thinking:


5 thoughts on “London Pub Conversations

  1. Me too. It is so complex but I do know that in my lifetime this country has changed beyond all recognition because of the EU and they weird and wonderful rules and regulations imposed upon us and for no real benefit most of the time. Free movement of goods and services now includes a police force, possibly and army and dictates no end of silliness which I cannot make any sense of. We traded worldwide when just a small island and we can again. Well done Dave. Enjoyed this. Pop and read my blog and stories some time and leave me a comment. 🙂

  2. I liked your foray into politics, Dave. Very profound.

    It is always going to be a divisive subject and it will be very interesting to hear what the British public have to say when we get to vote on it later this year.

  3. I ,too,was surprised to see you branching out into politics ,Dave !

    After a recent literary lunch , I walked from the Strand to the Tate …to catch the Lowry exhibition . I regretted it the following day 🙁

    On the same theme ,Betjeman’s daughter tweeted abt having a drink w/ Peter O’Toole after a literary lunch …until he was rescued by a son some hrs later …lol !

    Sorry , I’ve strayed a little from the politics ..get bombarded by it on Twitter !

  4. Good job Dave………….I hate politics………….I hate politicians………..No one knows what to do about anything……….secrets are a necessity………Spying is a necessity…………The only non-necessity is you and me……….welcome to our small private club………You have just been elected President or King, if you prefer……..Hail Dave………….

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