“Double, Double, Toil And Trouble”

I was out for my daily constitutional walk, when I passed a strange house. I stopped in my tracks!

The windows were covered with webs and the glass was so filthy it was impossible to see inside the house. There was a sign on the door: Horoscopes, Come In And Learn Your Future! I was intrigued.

I walked up to the door, but before I knocked, I thought, I wonder who will come to the door? Maybe, a witch, with warts and grey, white hair, one that is very ugly. I’ve heard of people being turned into rabbits by witch’s spells!

I shook my head and knocked. The door opened and there stood a beautiful woman. She was tall and willowy. Her hair was mercury-red and it tumbled over her bare shoulders. She had blue eyes and pouting red lips. She was dressed in a long gothic gown that reached to the floor.

“Come in,” she said in a soothing voice.

She sat me down on a red sofa in a dark lounge. She sat opposite me in a red armchair. I glanced around the room and noticed a large caldron in the fireplace.

“So, you would like to know your future?”

“Yes, I would,” I mumbled.

“It will cost you a fiver.”

I gave her the money.

“Why do you want to know about your future?”

“Well, I would like to be reassured it will be good,” I said stammering.

She smiled.

Now, I noticed the fire was going and the caldron was bubbling softly.

“Just making some soup,” she said, noticing my concern.

I was starting to sweat!

“Do you believe in astrology?”

“Sort of, I am naturally superstitious.”

She reached out and took my hand in both of her soft hands. She raised her slender eyebrows and looked me in the eye. Her eyelashes were long and velvety. The experience was surreal!

“You are connected to the entire cosmos,” she said squeezing my hand.

But then she frowned and said:

“But the stars are telling me some strange information about you. You will live long and happily eating leafy greens and vegetables!”

“What’s that all about?” I shouted.

All of a sudden the caldron started steaming. The red haired lady was staring at me like she was putting a spell on me!

I snatched my hand away from her and ran out of the house.

Once out, I noticed I was HOPPING DOWN THE STREET!

6 thoughts on ““Double, Double, Toil And Trouble”

  1. OMG the ending is great… the entire story is great… well written!! Not what I expected at all, excellent twist. Love it !! Made me laugh and smile… thanks.

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