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Date: 14/03/2014

Contact: Madalena Penny, Clockwork Content Publishing, 07832928110.

A Deliciously Dark Second Novel by David Wise

24 Traumatic Hours, Twice! – A story of abduction and horror.

Adolescence is a hard time for any teenager, but for 13-year-old Tom Wilson; it is fraught with terrifying consequences. Abducted twice, young Tom is taken through a disturbing labyrinth of events at the hands of his twisted psychotic captors.  Can Tom survive these ordeals that threaten his life and crush his sanity? Set against the backdrop of 1950’s  Chicago, the tale reveals the horrific events that plague the boy as he struggles with his parents’ bitter divorce and then fights for his life against his kidnappers horrifying agenda.

Published only last month, 24 Traumatic Hours Twice, by David Wise has already received some excellent reviews in these first few weeks of publication.  David who was born and lived his earlier years in Chicago, Illinois now lives in the UK.  His debut novel ‘A Web of Guilt’ published in 2012 was also received with enthusiasm both in the UK and the US.  His new novel ‘The Becoming’ is due to be published later this year and is sure to attract a lot of attention.

“I am pleased with the encouraging reviews 24 Traumatic Hours has received,” said David from his home in England.  “I like to explore the darker side of human nature and glean the effects that people endure under such disturbing situations – you get a sense of what your characters are made of.”

You can buy 24 Traumatic Hours, on the Kindle platform and is available worldwide at £2.05 and $2.99 respectively.  Be sure to join David on both Facebook and Twitter or to find out more about David Wise you can visit him directly at



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