My Friend Finds His Muse

My best friend, Tom, likes my stories and he thinks I’m a good writer. He has heard me talk many times about my muse. So, naturally, with Tom’s super curiosity, he wanted to know about the muse.

“Is it like a fairy at the end of the garden?” He asks.

“Not exactly.”

Tom looked excited.

“The muse originates from Greek mythology. The Greek God Zeus had nine daughters called Muses.”

“Nine daughters, he must have been inspired!” Smiled Tom.

“Yes he was, and these muses represented the arts and they were supposed to inspire us to be creative.”

Tom had a dreamy expression on his face.

“I have a vision of my muse. She has long flowing blond hair and a beautiful body. She is wiping my brow and feeding me grapes.”

“Does she inspire you, Tom?”

“Oh yes, she does inspire me.”

“Now, Tom, you’re getting to know a little about Muses.”

“I want to know more.”

“Well, I know when my muse is around because I feel a change in the energy in the room. My muse has such an influence on me that I just tingle with creativity.”

“Holy Cow, Dave, that must be quite a spiritual feeling.”

“Yes, it is very spiritual.”

“What is a muse like?”

“Well, she is a strong woman who knows what she wants. She wants to inspire creativity in people. She has an urge to create and experience life to the fullest.”

“Sounds good to me,” Tom’s eyes were glistening.

“Are you going to start a writing career, Tom?”

“Maybe. Now, how do you keep the muse to stick around?”

“Well, you have to feed her!”


“That’s right, she needs food.”

“What kind of food does she like?”

“In our lifetime we stuff ourselves with sights and sounds, smells and tastes, textures of different people, events large and small. All this data goes into our subconscious. These are the stuff that feeds the muse, and the muse grows.”

“That’s very interesting.”

“To feed your muse, you must always be hungry for life’s experiences.”

“How do you handle a muse?”

“Very delicately. If held too lightly, the muse will fly away. If held too tightly, the muse will die.”

“How can I make sure she won’t leave me?”

“There are no guarantees, but if you observe as you live everyday, noting the world around you, and read voraciously, she will not leave you. There will be times, however, when you might have to meditate when she strays afar.”

“Does a muse have to be a person?”

“My dear Tom, it can be anything that inspires you.”

“Then I know who my muse is.’

“Who is that?”

“My bitch Labrador, Aphrodite, her love and inspiration are unconditional.”

Well, like Tom always says:

“Different Strokes For Different Folks!”

7 thoughts on “My Friend Finds His Muse

  1. I don’t know whether to let you in on a little secret?? I can call the muse whenever and wherever. How? Through habit. If I sat around all day waiting for the Muse to call, I would starve. Instead I show up for work each and every day. I can guarantee that when my backside is in that chair and I’m ready for work, the muse visits.
    Get into a habit folks, and watch her turn up.

  2. Ah yes, my muse. She is beautiful. She makes my life worthwhile. I clap my hands and she is well. Oh wait, that’s Tinkerbelle. My muse is taller. with blonde hair. Oh wait, that’s my wife. Damn, she was just here. I’ll look around and let you know when I find her. Slippery little things these Muses. Oh well!

  3. If you conjure up a beautiful Muse–you get distracted!
    So I guess, Maddi’s “backside in chair” technique is best.
    Not as intriguing though!!!

  4. Really interesting as I am not sure I have a muse as described above, or one at all. I just get a title and then a vague idea and write. So fascinating how writers get there inspiration. Mine comes from life also.

  5. I love to read each and every one of your blogs. You do such a great job. I don’t
    know why but I am suppose to learn to write a blog for my website but don’t
    know how to start. Maybe I need a muse or something to get me started. I have to
    do something I know that.

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