Why Be A Writer?

Because you have to think of your feet, your identity, and if you’re lucky, you will have a beautiful woman as a MUSE!

What inspired me to write? That question was posed to me on my seventieth birthday. Fifty years ago I had a problem with my feet, my identity, and how I was going to get inspiration for my novels.

The questions that haunted me were: Who am I? Where am I going? Do I belong? Why do my feet ache so much?

What is a MUSE? It’s the seat of your creativity, personified in a beautiful woman!

Oh, that’s all in your mind!

Yes, it is in your mind, the MUSE is your subconscious mind talking to you!

When I was eighteen and fresh out of high school, I got a job in a factory moving material from machine to machine. I was always on my feet and they HURT!

I learned one thing from this job. It was hard on my feet and mine were FLAT!

So, my life’s work would have to be something that wouldn’t give me aching feet. This was one part of the inspiration.

The second part was when I went to a book signing at a bookstore. The writer was very successful. This was his fourth blockbuster novel.

I asked him about his typical workday. He would arise, have a bit of breakfast, and write until noon. Then he and his friends would go fishing and sip tall cool ones on his cabin cruiser. On days that he didn’t feel like fishing, he would write until noon and then go and sit in an outdoor café with his friends and sip tall cool ones!

This, I thought, was a sensible way to earn a living. So, I’ll become a writer and answer my identity questions.

Who am I? I’m a writer.

Where am I going? I’m going to sit down and write and save my feet.

Do I belong? Yes, I will have many friends that write until noon and then sip tall cool ones.

As a writer, I will have a MUSE that gives me inspiration.

Then the writer said something that took me aback!

He told me that he stood up to noon everyday writing. He liked to have his typewriter on the mantel and he typed while standing.

Well, this sounded grueling to me and it certainly wouldn’t do my fallen arches any good.

“Why stand and not sit to write?”

He said he had hemorrhoids and they hurt when he sat!

Well, I did set out to become a writer. I’ve never achieved that writer’s success, but the job has never given me aching feet because I sat down to write.

I have been compared to that writer. Well, sort of. My readers tell me that I’m a real pain in the whatcha-ma-callit!!!

5 thoughts on “Why Be A Writer?

  1. Why indeed? I started writing suspense because that is what I love to read and I always wondered if I could write my own! I enjoy writing more than any career I’ve ever had. Except for the marketing part of it. That sucks.

  2. Another wide-ranging blog post ,Dave :fallen arches ,muses ,standing up to write !

    There is a trend in the digital world to spend some time standing at a computer…

    You a pain in the a**e ?!….never ,Dave ….{^_^}

  3. I am happy to announce that Pat Oliver’s reply is the 1000th comment to my blog which I started four years ago. Your prize is a free copy of my upcoming fourth novel, which should be out by the end of the year!

  4. I can market but I need to learn to write. To be good at marketing you need
    to be good at writing. Reading your blogs helps me to understand what
    direction I need to go. Keep writing and yes you are good at it. Thanks for
    your help.

  5. A writer is not one that just sits at desk and writes – a writer feels all around and takes each experience and makes it their own. Nothing is ever lost in the world of a writer. You are more now than you were yesterday because you have added another 24-hours to your experience on earth. Now to convey those experiences, those feelings to another using the written word, that is pure magic.

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