Love, The Complex Emotion

Love is usually thought of as a positive emotion, but it has its bad side: It can lead to jealousy, anger, and it doesn’t always work out. Love can be an obsession and people can be cruel to the ones they love!

We “love” everything! People love their car. They love their dog or cat! They love pizza and beer! We love our country and finally we love our partner.

Confusing isn’t it?

Love is an engagement with the world. Love is a story and there are many stories about love, the most popular is Romeo and Juliet, but that ended in death!

A favorite story comes from a classic tale. In ancient times, human beings were different looking than they are now. They were big round bodies with two sets of arms, two sets of legs, and two heads. They would bounce around the world full of joy. But they were arrogant and the gods didn’t like this. So, they split the beings in two. Now, these beings were like us, with one head, two arms, and two legs. But we were not complete. So, we needed to find and reconnect with our other half. This was the origin of love. You had to find the right person to fit together with, your soul mate!

Quite a story, isn’t it?

But to fit together takes time, work and adjustment. Sometimes you become too dependent on your loved one for your identity and that can be detrimental!

There is an element of choice with the emotion of love. You might have an initial attraction toward someone but a lot of the time things do not work out.

The choice comes into play when you meet a person, then you choose to go out with them, then get serious, and finally, you choose to say, “I love you”. There’s the BOMB!

So, love is a process, a series of many choices.

Some people say relationships are “made in heaven”, many are NOT! You need to make the decision to do everything you can to make the relationship WORK!

I will leave you with this:


8 thoughts on “Love, The Complex Emotion

  1. Very interesting read, Dave. I can’t add anything on the subject, really, for the only love I know truly is the love of family, which often has its own daunting complications in my experiences. As a writer, I do have one grammar note I must leave you with: you used “then” when you meant to use “than.” It’s in the fifth section of the piece, on the story of love’s origin; it’s a very common mistake, and I know I would want it pointed out to me if I made it.

  2. Thanks Abby, for pointing out that grammar mistake.
    The Grammar Monster has struck again!
    I have done an edit job on that.

  3. Love that is unconditional, is real love. When love comes ‘on condition’ you will find it is accompanied by those two imposters, fear and ego.

    Nice post Dave.

  4. I don’t know what love is. Chemical reactions when young to ensure the future of our species. Companionship and familiarity in later years because you fall into a comfortable easy life and cannot be bothered with the whole thing again….nope I don’t know what LOVE is (romantic stuff which I cannot get my head round).

  5. Great thoughts on love. I am very lucky that love comes to
    be easier then one can imagine. Jim and I were as one,
    we were soul mates. I never thought I would have another.
    But I do have a new soul mate in Ron we are as connected as
    Jim and I were. We both are on the same page in everything
    we do. He is a perfect gentleman. He is helpful, easy going
    and I guess I could go on with many other words to describe
    him but mostly he makes me happy.

  6. Ahhhh love. That elusive devil that enters your life making you feel good, then bad. You think too much, react too much, hear what you want, say what you should never say and in general just make you crazy. I love it but I can’t explain why………..God help us all.

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