A Leaderless and Unrecognisable Europe


Migrants are coming to Europe from many countries: Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, Guinea, Senegal, Sudan and others.

What to do? One scenario to stabilize the Middle East and Africa would take an army of ½ million men!

This is unlikely because there is no will for that in the West.

So, what do we do? Do we wait for war to break out within Europe because of over-population? Do we put a blockade of warships down the entire southern coast of Europe and force the migrant boats to go back?

It’s not just people coming from war-torn countries, many are coming from places where there is no war just poverty and sickness. They simply seek a better life!

Human rights law makes it almost impossible to return them to their countries.

These people have a great motivation to move to Europe. They see countries of wealth and security which is missing from their origins.

In the end this mass migration will destroy Europe’s stability.

Some people reading this article will ask: “Where is your compassion for millions of suffering people?”

The reply would be: “When should the compassion stop?”

After all our infrastructures collapse? Do we want Europe to be changed forever?

The Third World is coming to Europe and if it continues it will change society beyond recognition!

Maybe, the young people of tomorrow will be content to live in a world of transformation. But if it leads to war or social unrest, contentment will be short-lived!

Also, where are the leaders? They don’t seem to acknowledge the upheaval.

We are living in a “leaderless world”. No single country or alliance of countries seems to be capable of leading in a global world.

Lots of problems but the leaders have no solutions!

Are we sleepwalking toward Apocalypse?

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11 thoughts on “A Leaderless and Unrecognisable Europe

  1. I’m out. I would have voted not to go in in the first place had the option been made available. It wasn’t.
    I’m very sorry that people feel unsafe or poor in their own lands. That is a matter for their governments to solve. They cannot walk roughshod over our laws and expect to be welcomed with open arms. They’d be pissed if we did that to them. So why do they think they have the right to do it to us? They are not owed a living. The world does not owe them anything. Since we have nationalities which should mean something, they ought to be respected. The alternative is the elimination of all national boundaries and with that the elimination from politics of all religious idealism. There will be no Serbs, no Croats, no Israelis, no Arabs, no Moslems, no Christians and no bloody lions. No blacks, whites or reds. Just people. I can’t see that happening anytime soon.

  2. This is a massive global challenge, certainly the biggest challenge I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. When tens of millions of people are being displaced, I think we need to tear up the rule book and do what it takes to help. We should be ashamed of ourselves for our pitiful response and our capitulation to fear.

    I agree that our leaders are not showing much leadership.

    “84 per cent of those arriving in Europe came from the world’s top 10 refugee producing countries, strengthening UNHCR’s belief that most of the people arriving in Europe were fleeing war and persecution”

    It was not that long ago that Europe was producing the refugees. How quickly we forget.

  3. Obama is coming to the UK next week. He is expected to support the stay in the EU campaign. I think he should mind his own business. America would NEVER relinquish their sovereignty to another source outside of the US.
    That would be like Mexico City telling the US what to do.
    So, Obama is telling the UK to do something the US would never do. I know this is true because I am an American.

    • Your article mentions nothing about Britain’s EU membership. I don’t understand why you conflate Britain’s status in Europe with millions of people fleeing their home land.

      Do you really think that if we leave the EU, those people will just turn around and walk home? Or that us leaving magically shields us from the problem?

  4. To Damien,
    You are reading things into the article. This article was not about Britain’s membership in the EU. The article doesn’t link Britain’s status to suffering migrants. “We” is used as the EU’s lacklustre approach to the problem.The article is clearly not about any magical solution. It states that no “leader” has come up with a viable solution.

    The article lists some thoughts on possible actions.

    • Incorrect. I was replying to your comment that referenced Obama visit, his view on the UK and what America would/would not do. Why did you think it was reading things into the article?

  5. Wow. Dave, I do not have the solution to this problem. It will get much worse than it is right now. The world is changing and much too rapidly for me. I’m hiding in Florida with the cuban refugees. I wish I had payed more attention in Mrs. Sorensons spanish class at Sullivan. I think the safest place in the world is Israel. But I will wait here to see what happens when Trump becomes Presidant.

  6. Remember the old saying ‘If you are not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem’? We elected people in to do our dirty work. We passed responsibility over to others, and this is where it has got us. Yes, it’s a complete mess, but is it not everyone’s responsibility to stand up and fight for those who are suffering from injustice? We are all human beings, and as such should share a common place feeling – yes compassion. At the moment, there are no solutions I can see on either side, but it’s about time people started demanding better leaders that can inspire us, rather than create a lot of sheep that give away their responsibility and in effect become victims, and in turn create victims?

  7. Well written news flash. I dislike politics, to many choices. I believe
    whoever is chosen to lead us, to wherever, we are headed, have
    to be brilliant. No matter what comes of it, they will not be able
    to satisfy everyone.

  8. Yes Linda, very rightly said. What we need are leaders without agenda for any particular social class, but want the very best for ALL their people and with only altruistic motives. Hands up anyone who knows of any such person or party? All political parties, I believe, should want what’s best for their people. I’ve been asked a few times to stand locally in the elections for a certain party – however, I fail to see why anyone should need a title or a wage to do what’s right by people. I’ve done a lot of good and improved local services, all without a label. Why? Because it was the right thing to do.

    By the way, did you know the word ‘Anarchy’ actually means ‘leaderless’ or without the need for leaders? Imagine that – a Country were people look after each other.

  9. Goodness,Dave ! …what a lot of response to this post !

    We’re all politicians now since the advent of socialmedia….

    At the moment wearing the cloak of a #brexit #gran …..2 more months to go …argggh…

    No mention of the Pope and his compassion re refugees on Lesbos…

    What a world for our grandchildren to inherit…


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