No Country For Old People!

While re-watching the film, No Country for Old Men, in which the old sheriff thinks that all his rules of life have disappeared and he no longer has the energy or inclination to put up with the wild and horrific times, the idea came to me that something similar occurs for old people generally these days.

The old people of today are led down the path of decrepitude with poor care provisions, with less recognition by society, with the feeling of being invisible, and the general feeling of being abandoned and isolated in this age of high tech.

The old feel lost and confused in today’s fast pace of life, which is geared to the young. Society seems to devote less and less time to the care of the old. All this leads up to feeling rejected by society.

So, the Older Generation becomes The Lost Generation!

Many elderly feel extreme loneliness as a result of feeling alien to the outside world. It’s like your SELF has no value and is less appreciated. Many of the old feel unable to adapt to new circumstances especially when they are vulnerable to illness and disease. They feel lost by the way aging is treated, it has come to mean loss of value and importance.

The last act of life takes everything we can muster to keep moving forward. We hope our will is strong so the circumstances of old age cannot destroy us.

The old have to say, “YES” to life even though we are scared of the unknown.

We are STILL here and we can still do some things that are noteworthy.

So, how do we fight being invisible?

You can circumvent invisibility by an outgoing personality. I’m not talking about being pushy, but you can make yourself heard. I do this by my writing, which is my hobby in retirement. I keep abreast of the news and offer my opinions.

Carry on with moving one foot in front of the other, mentally and physically, and you won’t feel this is NO COUNTRY FOR OLD PEOPLE!

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3 thoughts on “No Country For Old People!

  1. I recall a saying I heard a few times.” Your only as old as you feel.”
    I guess as I get older, I now understand what it means. I also see
    that if you keep your body in motion you feel better.
    Too many older people I know do not move enough. They do not
    connect with others. A lot of why they do not feel well is because they
    need to join in doing something.
    Great blog Dave keep on writing and moving on.

  2. I’m 47, and if it’s one thing I’ve realised as I’m getting older, is to never stop learning. Stagnation in life is death. A rolling stone can only gain momentum. There’s a time for stillness and quiet and a time for action.
    Good blog Dave. me likes 🙂

  3. I’m trying to move, I’m trying to learn. My wife says I’m just very trying.
    Good blog Dave. As usual you are right on the spot.

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