Automatic Government

Rejoice! Comper A has just won the election and will be the new leader of the free world sitting in the White House.

What a headline that would be.

But maybe it’s not so crazy after all.

It may be creepy but lets look at what’s happening already.

Our finances are managed almost entirely by computes.

Computers run rail and airways.

If you fly it might scare you to know the pilots, for long periods,, are doing nothing. They say computers could handle landings and take offs, it’s just that passengers can’t accept that yet.

Can computers run the economy?

Why not? After all most economies rely on computer models and predictions already.

Could computers replace politicians?

It might be hard because goals need to be set for the computer.

The goal of politics is usually to make as many people happy as possible.

One policy might make 80% happy but the other 20% might be  in a worst  position.

We might accept a slightly less happy society but where no one has to live a miserable life.

A computer can’t decide how much inequality we are prepared to live with- only humans can do that.

Maybe someday computers will manage entire economies and public services better than people.

But I can’t envision computers figuring out what is best for us and eliminate all politicians.

After all successful politicians can stay for a long time in the public eye without irritating it.

On the lighter side:


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