Black Beauty, The Untold Story-“Mobility Menace”

I remember how pleasant it was by the big window in the showroom. The room was light, warm, quiet and quite luxurious to me. For you see I had just come from the factory, which was dirty and noisy!

When I first arrived at the showroom, they polished me up until my black body was gleaming. My model name glistened on the front of my body. “ Black Beauty”, it said on a white background. I was very proud and ready to help someone get around.

I, you see, am a Heavy Duty, Four-Wheeled, Mobility Scooter, top speed 8 MPH!

After two weeks of carefree days looking at the passing parade outside the showroom window and receiving all the kind care from the people in the showroom, I was sold!

My owner was a small man in his seventies who walked with a limp. He had stringy grey hair slicked back, small eyes and a long pointed nose. His features were bird-like. He mumbled to himself a lot, also.

When we got to his house, he said, “ Well, Black Beauty, I hope I get my money’s worth out of you.”

And then he kicked my tyres. He kept me in a dark, damp shed in the back of his garden. What a change from my lovely showroom!

The next day, the door of the shed opened and the light of day streamed in. He got onto my cushioned seat and of we went. He scratched my body going through the gate. He didn’t even stop to inspect my damage!

We raced down the path at 8 MPH, which was against regulations, only 4 MPH was allowed on the pavement!

We whizzed past adults and children, almost hitting them. We passed a red scooter and the owner shook his fist at us!

We arrived at the Super Market, we went through the door in a flash. He finally slowed down when he bumped me into a shelf—another scratch! When he looked for his groceries, he blocked the aisle, not caring about others.

At the checkout he knocked a woman’s leg in front of us. She glared at us.

“ Watch where you are going old man”, she shouted.

I felt so sorry and embarrassed, but not my owner. He just shouted back.

“ Don’t shout at me, I’m disabled!”

On our way out he knocked over a shelf. The tin cans went everywhere. The manger banned him from the store!

On the way home, he was going so fast we almost tipped over. He had turned me into a Mobility Menace! My owner was a little shaken up from our outing.

After that, I ended up in the damp, dark shed for months. It was a shame not being used by someone who would take care of me and drive carefully.

Finally, one day, the shed door opened. My owner’s son said,” This is the Black Beauty, it needs a little cleaning up.”

I was sold again. My new owner was a lady in her sixties whose legs were weakened permanently after a long illness. She had a kind face and a gentle touch on my controls. I lived in a clean, airy garage with a window. My owner’s husband took good care of me, polishing my black body every week.

My new owner rode me carefully, within the rules. She often said to me when no one else was around, “ Black Beauty, I rely on you so much, you are like a friend.”

Being with her was even better than being in the showroom. I served her proudly to the end of my days.

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