The Only Personal Comparison

We all compare things. This is done to discover likenesses and differences that suit us. But what I am concerned with here, is the most important measurement for you. The only personal comparison you should make.

Now, one side of the coin says: Comparison with others is a waste of time, it takes away from your true self, and can be destructive to your character.

The other side of the coin says: The above is a negative way of looking at comparison. Comparing ourselves with others allows us to learn, develop our own ways of doing things, find out that what we want is different from others, and it inspires us to greater things. So, not all comparison is negative.

Then again, to be in a comparison game with others might be the wrong way to think about yourself. A better attitude is to think of being in competition with yourself. Let what you do today compete with and surpass what you did yesterday, and you will think well of yourself.

It takes self-confidence for people to determine for themselves how well they are doing, or what they want to do. When they don’t have this confidence, they use the only standards available—comparison with others. But when you see your progress grow to your own standards, you gain confidence.

But, maybe your standards aren’t high enough, they don’t push you hard enough. If you use some one else’s higher standards, it might push you more. Human nature pushes us to compare ourselves with others. It’s fun and a form of competition.

Remember, there is only one of you, and you take yourself where ever you go! No one is exactly like you, in terms of your inner feelings, thoughts and capabilities.

You perceive, think, and feel in your own unique way.

If you accept this notion, then you will want to take a hard look at why you should use anyone else’s example as a barometer for how well you do something. So, you want to compare today’s “you” with yesterday’s “you”, to see if you grew any as an individual.

Here’s something to ponder: Your self-worth can never be verified by others, so why compare yourself with others? You are worthy because you are growing by your own standards. If you depend on other people’s standards for your value, it is their worth NOT your worth.

There is a school of thought that you will be happier when you don’t use other people’s status as a measurement of your own happiness. Compare you, with you.

Here’s hoping you have many happy and fulfilling comparisons, and day by day you can get better and better.


What do you think? Which is the most compelling view?

Or, do we use a blend of both sides of the coin?

One thought on “The Only Personal Comparison

  1. ‘I don’t believe you have to be better than everybody else.
    I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.’ -Ken Venturi

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