Article–Change versus Security

We are all changing constantly! We live from day to day and our bodies and our brains are changing, growing, renewing, and replacing their cells. Changing, not only physically but emotionally and psychologically.

So,we are literally different people as time goes by. How can we maintain a sense of security with all this going on?

“ No man is free who is not master of himself,” said the ancient philosopher, Epictetus. But to be master of yourself, you have to deal with change effectively and understand the nature of security. Change and security are opposites. Change is the natural law of life. But in this changing world, you need some security for balance.

Change handled positively equals growth. Security, in the right form and amount equals stability.

External security refers to outside guarantees, such as money, house, car, and job. The guarantee that all external things in your world will be okay forever. is impossible in a changing world. You can only have partial external security.

Internal security is the ability to trust yourself and being content in your present life. Having the knowledge that you can handle problems when they arise. This kind of security can be obtained. Only the internally insecure strive for complete external security.

There are three attitudes toward change. The neurotic is characterised by panic and inertia. The normal is what most of us do, cope and strive. The master of self is a person who welcomes change, because that’s the way they enjoy life with growth and new horizons.

Change is going on all around us:

First, there are natural changes. We go through biological changes, birth, childhood, puberty to old age. These changes are forced on us and we have to adapt.

Other changes forced on us are, loosing a loved one, friend, parent, or unexpected redundancy, etc.

Then there is choice change, changes we choose for ourselves. Such as, marriage, new interests, job change, etc. These changes come about through the power of choice.

Virtually, everything we do entails some security and insecurity. If you stand up to an argumentative person, you may be outwardly full of confidence, but you may be, also, shaking inside. We have moments of security and insecurity. We tread the middle ground.

We need a positive view of change.We have a need to understand ourselves  and a need for growth. It’s only through this journey of self-discovery that we develop the flexibility and awareness to deal with life and live it enjoyably and productively.

A negative view of change makes a person unable to grow and learn. They are frightened that change will shatter everything they know.

When your life changes you must adapt to the new situation and accept reality.

If change is inevitable, and it is, we have to live with it positively.We need to set goals and decide what’s best for us and work out how to do it.

When you have the inner security to deal with change, you will be master of yourself. When yourlife changes and you have the inner security to see it positively, there is a new beginning. And that is what an enjoyable, productive life is all about:

New Beginnings and Happy Expectations

For Today and Tomorrow

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