Divorce Fun


Now, what this fellow did, I’m not saying it was right, but it was funny. In these depressing times anything that gives us a laugh is great.


This fellow lives on the outskirts of Chicago. He is divorced and he hates his ex-wife! This is not unusual. Lots of divorced people hate their former spouses.


Now, if you ask a divorced man who was at fault, he’ll say “ hers”, and his ex-wife will say ‘his”. There is always a saint and a villain. In other words both parties LIE!

Now, this fellow wasn’t violent. To his credit, he showed more wisdom and imagination! When they were divorced, his wife went her way, while he remained at their old house.


One day a letter came for his ex-wife. He felt no compunction about opening the letter and reading it. As he read, a wicked smile crossed his face. The letter was sent from someone who went to his ex-wife’s high school. It was a questionnaire on what they were up to in the last 40 years. The form would be circulated to all the members of the graduating class.


This fellow answered the questionnaire himself, signing his ex-wife’s name and returned it, laughing all the way to the post box. It seemed by reading the form, by more than 200 classmates, his ex-wife had an exciting 40 years since high school!


The question on “ Job” was answered: Retired on 4th husband’s divorce settlement.


The answer to “ Greatest Accomplishment” was: My 4 divorces, each time I married better off.


The answer to “ Unusual Experience” was: Going to Indiana for my job and having an affair with two guys while my 3rd husband was back in Chicago working his butt off.


The form went on and on likening his ex-wife to a man-eating tart!


Well, needless to say, his wife read the questionnaire and realized who did the dirty deed. She called her lawyer and slapped a lawsuit on this fellow. She said she had a lot of mental problems because of this prank.


When the case comes to court, this fellow is praying the judge has a terrible ex-wife and takes pity on him.


The Moral: Leave your ex- spouse alone! Forget all about them!

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  1. I would have made her out to be a madam, and used the questionnaire as an advertisement for her business, but then she might have made money!

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