My cousin showed up at my house looking worried.

“What’s the matter?”

“I can’t remember my wife’s name! What should I do?”

“I suggest you start calling her pet names, like Honey, My Love, Sweetheart, etc. until you can recall her name.”

My cousin looked quizzical.

“Also, the other day, I went to the store and forgot what I went for!”

“Senior moments, my friend, after all you’re over sixty!”

My cousin had a frightened expression now.

“I’m not getting dementia, am I?”

“Calm down, cousin, and take a Prozac!”

“I’m all out of those, I’ll take an aspirin instead.”

“You’re not getting dementia. What’s happening is your memory is changing! Info is processed slower and recall is slower.”

“Is that normal?”

“Yes, it’s part of the aging process. Slightly slower processing leads to awareness, because of aging, allows us to see and understand things better.”

“Oh cousin, you make it sound so good! So, the changes in memory that we have to adapt to, are bothersome but not debilitating.”

“You’ve got it, cousin! Things that came naturally to you, now you must concentrate more on them, that’s why learning new things now takes more effort.”

My cousin turned to leave and as he was walking out the door, he said:

“Life must go on, but I forgot WHY!”


7 thoughts on “SENIOR MOMENTS

  1. Ha Ha! Wish I could say I didn’t have senior moments, but they are all too frequent. And the senior aches and pains! I keep telling my friends that at least we are here to be complaining about all of it; sure beats the alternative!

  2. Thanks for writing this story because I forgot why I came to see You.You could have told me her name was Linda but no, You have me call her pet names and I said the wrong one and got slapped for it. Now my back hurts from sleeping on the couch!

  3. How come everything you write rings a bell with me? I remember you from Kilmer School and Sullivan High School………..I remember that so clearly, and yet I can’t remember what I did yesterday………………Oh well………looking forward to your next blog, Honey………OK, so I forgot your name……………Big deal!

  4. Now I understand why LLC called me Suzy Q.
    It must of been one of your senior moments too,
    Since you couldn’t remember my name either.
    You really need to work on your senior moments.
    Great story guys.

  5. It’s a shame really for our memories to start fading with old age! Because our whole life is our memories!

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