My Long Lost Cousin

I met my Long Lost Cousin when I was 20 years old and he was 10. Then we didn’t hear from each other for over 50 years! Hence, my LLC!

He was a telephone installer in his working life, now he is retired like me.

My many blog readers want to know if I will ever awaken him to his problems and the solutions to said problems. I will always continue to try to help him with his trials and tribulations in the blog stories. We will always have stories about LLC’s escapades.

Trying to straighten out LLC, I realize just how different people are from each other. Maybe, being in analysis with me might keep him on the straight and narrow.

I think LLC has a deep-seated compulsion to SHOCK people. Like the time he told his neighbor he was being recruited by the FBI to train as an agent! He upset a few people with that statement. That’s why we both drink!

When his house was burgled, he told people the robbers stole his Drug Making equipment!

Sometimes when I’m talking to him, he seems to disappear to a place I can’t locate or understand. “What is he thinking about?”

LLC says he doesn’t lie! One day we were discussing this and I told him to read the Bible-specifically, Mark, Chapter 17. The next day I asked him if he read Mark 17. He said, yes. I said, Mark only has 16 chapters!!!

Maybe something happened in LLC’s childhood. Maybe he’s holding back because he can’t find a way of telling us. But he dreams his story and develops symptoms and he then finds himself acting in ways he doesn’t understand. People don’t challenge him about his lying, they mostly keep quiet. It’s like a big secret!

Then, it all came out, why LLC acts the way he does. His mother and him never were very close. They were rarely alone with each other in the growing up years. One night, he wet the bed and his pajamas. He threw the sheets and PJ’s into the corner of the bedroom.

The next night he found his bed sheets dry and his PJ’s nicely folded ready for him to put on. Apparently his mother never mentioned his problem to his father or anyone not even LLC!

This developed into a secret between mother and son. LLC and his mother were partners in this secret. He felt very close to his mother at last!

When she died, he wanted to keep his mother close to him. So the way he did this was to: Tell lies and hope the people who he told them to would not tell anybody, they would become like his mother- his secret partners!

Well, it takes all kinds!!!

Now, LLC is growing a beard.

You ask why?




4 thoughts on “My Long Lost Cousin

  1. How did you find out about me wetting the bed? Seem’s like it wash;t such a big secret after all! And I lied to you about the Bible because I can’t start reading a book in the middle, I have to start at the begging so I know all the caricatures and can understand the plot. By the way I’m still on the first chapter.

  2. You and Jim have a wonderful relationship…..He is sharp witted and funny………I think I like both of you……….I’ll keep reading if you keep writing……I promise

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