Ghost Book Sales From Cyberspace

While checking my social network sites, I ran across something absolutely mystifying! I received a comment with a picture of my mother! The comment was: How have you been son in the last 40 years!

I replied: I’ve been reasonably happy, thank you.

What am I doing? Am I going crazy?

My mother has been dead for 40 years. This is impossible! But there was her picture and comment staring me in the face! Was someone playing a joke on me?

So I replied back asking this person only questions my mother would know the answers to. The answers came back promptly. They were all exactly correct!

So I replied: Wonderful to talk to you again Mom.

The reply came back: Have you accomplished what you wanted to in life son? I remember you wanted to be a writer.

I replied: Yes, Mother, you remembered correctly. I finally accomplished it in my retirement. I have a blog and two books out.

Mom replied: I’m so proud of you, my Son. Remember when you were a boy and I told you to mind your manners, they might come back in style someday.

I replied: Yes, Mom, I remember. You always were one to joke around.

Mom replied: You used to be so timid. Are you standing on your own two feet now?

I replied: Oh yes, Mom, I remember you saying to me that I can’t lean on you always. You made me strong so I could take care of myself.

Mom replied: Oh Son, I thought you were the only perfect child in the world, but of course every mother has one.

I replied: Is there some reason why you contacted me now, after all these years?

The reply came back quickly: Well Son, I’ve been waiting in this line leading up to the Pearly Gates and I’m finally here. Your father is further back.

I asked: It took 40 years to get to the end of the line?

Mom replied: Yes, it’s a very long line! Well, anyway, the chap at the gate now says he’s lost our marriage certificate and he can’t let us in without it!

I replied: What do you want me to do?

Mom replied: I need you to email me a copy via attachment. The email address is:

I emailed the certificate immediately. It’s good I saved all of my parent’s documents!

Mom replied: Thanks Son, your father and I are in! We will check out your two books. By the way, the three people that I got friendly with behind me in line were impressed by your writing career when I told them! I’m signing off now, I love you Son—Click and my Mother was gone!

That night I checked my sales figures and I had sold five more books! This was great! Sales from cyberspace!

Now, I wonder if my Grandparents will contact me from cyberspace?

6 thoughts on “Ghost Book Sales From Cyberspace

  1. Well …that was unexpected ,Dave !

    I lost my mum 40 yrs ago,too …too young.

    Before she was ill, she managed a boutique ,selling luxury goods …a change from being a hairdresser before I was born .Mum had a friend ,Kathleen Fleming [ a medium] who often came into the shop to say that my Grandma [who also died young] .was w/her ..and watching over her ….I found K F distinctly spooky ….

  2. Of course she is proud of you, she has plenty to be proud of. We don’t realise as children that our parents are passing the baton onto us and we can only hope that we end the negative generational cycles and add our own positive ones. Your mother’s trust and pride in you was well-founded.

    Great insight Dave, thank you.

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