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David Wise is proud to announce the release of his new e-book named ’24 Traumatic Hours, Twice’ which is now available on Amazon Kindle Books for anyone interested in it to purchase.

The book tells the dramatic story of a young boy who was once abducted by a psychopath and lived through the entire process together with what the outcome will be. This is not everything included in the book, mainly due to the fact that the action takes place twice and everything happens all over again releasing essential psychological traumas the child had, but also showing how he will handle the situation and what the eventual outcome of the series of events taking place will be. The inspiring book has potential to become a worldwide hit if it gathers the right attention and if enough people read and see the impressive way in which David Wise manages to write.

At the current moment, ’24 Traumatic Hours, Twice’ is available on the Amazon market platform and can be purchased with a small price of $2.99 in the USA and  £2.05 in the UK, making it acceptable for all pockets, but also for people willing to have a good read on such a book.

The author was born and bred in Chicago Ill, USA, but now lives in England after moving there a while back. He enjoys calling himself an Anglo-American mainly because of the time he spent in both countries. Regardless of this, he has another e-book published on Amazon Kindle Books which has received the attention of different customers. Its name is’ Web of Guilt, A Chicago Story’ and has been on the market for over a year.

Together with the aspects highlighted above, the author would also like to announce his latest e-book which is in progress at the moment. Its current working title is ‘The Becoming’ and is sure to gather a larger number of fans for this book as well.

In conclusion, ’24 Traumatic Hours, Twice’ represents a great book on kidnapping with a great storyline, which also manages to keep any reader focused. Together with the aspects highlighted above, David Wise can be found both on Facebook and Twitter, but also on his blog:


Purchase ’24 Traumatic Hours, Twice’ today!


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  1. My buddy in Florida, Tom Mitchel said:
    My friend in England has written a good book, “24 Traumatic Hours, Twice!”.
    I liked it and recommend it to everyone.

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