Life Begins At Seventy!

So, you’re 70! I’ll open with a few laughs:

You now can look forward to being Eighty!

Be happy, you’re younger than Joan Collins and Clint Eastwood!

If your laughter lines are anything to go by, you’ve had a fabulous fun-filled life!


At this time of life, Death doesn’t scare you!

Because after 70 you’ve had time to grow accustomed to your mortality.


Of course, old age is accompanied by aches and pains and lack of mobility.

But you are more content now than when you were younger.

Remember what Bette Davis said:

“Old age is no place for sissies!”


We are fortunate that we have the internet, it enables the shops to come to us and we order online.

Email, Facebook, Twitter and Blogging enable us to join the conversation of the world.


I can still get about or should I say LIMP about!


I’m fortunate I am a writer. You can still write whatever age you are.


Of course we fear dementia and Alzheimer’s. An early symptom is the loss of smell-so I keep sniffing-so far, so good.


We know the quality of life begins to fall for people in their 70’s, but as long as you have your marbles-you cope.


When you’re in your eighth decade, inhibition diminishes, you realize you’re not going to live forever!

A new fearlessness dawns and you fully enjoy your moments and you’re not afraid to speak your mind.


Our only fears are the possibility of a long and painful illness and the fear of being a burden on anybody.

So you hope to keep a semblance of health until the end.


A friend of mine, at 75, summed it all up. He said:

“I’ve tried to be all I can be…

I’ve accomplished as much as I can…

I find that I like me better now than I did when I was younger…

I am proud of what I am today…

My life is drawing to a close and I can honestly say I am happy…

What more could anyone ask for?”


If the biblical “Three Score and Ten” is to be believed, then everyone over 70 is living on borrowed time.

So, Enjoy Everyday!

Life Is Beginning!


10 thoughts on “Life Begins At Seventy!

  1. I wonder how many of your respondents will be in their 8th decades !

    This merry widow [sadly, I lost JRWO 15 yrs ago] gets on w/ her life and especially enjoys Twitter ,Sudoku and Oldie Lit Lunches ….{^_^}

    Most of our age group are lucky enough to have children and grandchildren ,old friends ,new ones and ,in my case , a #toyboy ….lol

    Sometimes I think about putting my affairs in better order…but I’m a procrastinator…hmmmm

  2. Hi Dave,
    You paint a nice picture of what life in your seventies could be like – with the benefit of reasonable health that is.
    It must be nice to ‘not care’ so much about what people think of you, to freely speak your mind and if you feel like being contankerous, to just blame it on your age!
    I am a way off yet, but it does not sound too bad!

  3. 70 is the age to do whatever makes one happy. No time to worry about being “correct.”

    Sadly, I still am in fear of my mortality. Wish I could learn to feel death is just a part of life like my spouse does.

  4. I had an NDE whne I was in my mid tewnties. Since then, I no longer fear death, it’s life that concerns me. Getting life right is one of the most difficult things – I mean it’s not like it comes with a’s all a learning curve and life itself teaches us. I’m only just now getting the hang of it. I don’t do the numbers, the age thing – I am what I feel. And if I could impart just one piece of advice it would be…follow your bliss. Here’s a question for you folks, if you knew were going to die soon, what piece of advice would you give before you passed on?

    Just to lighten it all…you can’t beat Monty Python’s advice

  5. Thank you Dave. Your blog and your ideas are so like mine that I feel we are brothers in spirit. I agree with you when you say my transition is complete. I feel that way too. I have finally discovered what was always there. Me!
    A person I like.

  6. And you can have your hair any colour you like because the hair you’ve got is as near to white as makes no difference.
    If experience hasn’t written on your face yet, there’s a sad reason for the neglect.
    And yes, I do wear purple. Been wearing it since the sixties.

  7. Sounds to good to be true. Stay healthy
    must be the answer. Enjoyed this look
    into the future. I’m sure I’ll feel the same,
    when I’m in my seventies.

  8. I’m 75, and it’s true—-this is the happiest time of my life. And I am bold. I speak my mind unfiltered, and don’t care if I piss people off! It’s so much fun!
    Thanks Dave, for your comments!

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