The Flawed Man

I was sitting on a park bench taking in the fresh air and the passing parade. When my friend, Jim, happened by and sat down next to me looking like a rag doll.

“Beautiful day, isn’t it, Jim?”

“Not for me it isn’t. My wife just told me to take a walk because I was irritating her. She said I have nothing but bad traits!” Jim was very glum.

“That sounds serious, Jim. Don’t you have any positive traits?”

“Not according to the little woman.”

I scratched my head and thought this is highly unusual. A 100% Flawed Man!

“Well Jim, personality theory says that all of us have about 5-10 traits that define us.”

“Well, my wife listed a few. She says I’m abrasive, confrontational, cynical, tactless, impatient and ungrateful!”

“Wow! That’s quite a list. But I’m sure she’s not perfect either,” I said raising my eyebrows.

“Lets not talk about her. I’ve got enough on my plate with myself!”

I shook my head.

“There’s a few more bad traits she mentioned but I can’t remember them all. She says I’m a completely flawed man. Can you help me?”

“Well, my friend, what positive traits do you think your wife would like you to have?”

“Lets see, she has mentioned some: Loving and affectionate, appreciative, kind, enthusiastic, patient and cooperative.”

“Lets look at these attributes and see if you can create some in yourself. Maybe you can change from flawed to positive!”

I put my specs on so I looked the part of a psychologist!

“All your attributes arise from many sources, fears, desires, likes, dislikes and past experiences. It gets complicated. But now, lets look at the good traits your wife wants you to have.”

“She wants you to be cooperative: This is a must because if you don’t think cooperation is necessary, just watch what happens to a wagon if one wheel comes off!”

Jim smiled and nodded his head.

“Your wife wants you to be enthusiastic. Why? Because he who has no fire in him cannot warm others, namely your wife!

Your wife wants you to be kind. She says you have many faults, but people will overlook your faults if you are kind!

You need appreciation because it is always appreciated!

Patience is a great attribute because if you are patient with the faults of others; they will be patient with yours!

Show you affection, your loving side, get it out in the open because:

Age is like love. It cannot be hidden!”

“That list is great. I’ll have to pick up on those,” said Jim eagerly.

“So, now you know why your wife wants you to have those attributes. Acquire them and you won’t be a flawed man anymore.

Jim looked entirely different from when he first sat down on the park bench!

“You and your wife will be content if you have good traits.

Remember: All the world lives in two tents: Content and Discontent!”

5 thoughts on “The Flawed Man

  1. I think Jim may be married to my wife. I asked her yesterday “If I am in the woods all by myself and no one else is around, am I still wrong?” She said “Of course”. “Why can’t you be more like _________.”. Fill in any name.

  2. Like all marrieds, we have ups and downs. Mostly because we are so alike… so if Wifey sees all that’s wrong in her man, like as not the faults are her own as well as his……. Takes one to know one.

  3. I agree Lynda, we see ourselves reflected in others. Their opinions can only bother us if we are fertile ground for them. There’s nothing I would change about my partner. He’s a pain in the arse, but I don’t expect him to be anything than he is. Just want him to be happy. But I would be appreciative if he didn’t leave his socks on the floor.

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