Back To Front

The Professor said:

“Human behaviour can always be explained by our history as evolved beings from animals.”

A hand flew up in the class.

“Why do kids today wear their baseball caps the wrong way round?”

“Animals advertise their suitability to a mate by how strong they are.

Consider the baseball cap, worn in the traditional style it is protection from the sun and also the gaze of other kids.”

There was a pause by the teacher so the point sunk in

“By turning the cap around, the male is signaling he doesn’t need this protection. He is tough and strong.

Second, inverting the cap is a gesture of non-conformity.

He is above the rules and again this signals superior strength!”

“But couldn’t you look at this differently?”, said the kid.

“Maybe the inverted cap is a signal of weakness to avoid and resist peer pressure.

Maybe it has nothing to do with evolution!”

The Professor shook his head.

“Supporters of the evolved being idea say we just don’t want to acknowledge how much we are the products of our animal history,”, said the teacher.

The kid wearing his cap with the peak forward just shook his head in confusion!




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