Doubting Thomas

“Hey, what are the self-evident truths in the Constitution?”

“Well, there’s “all men are created equal.”

They have unalienable rights, Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.”

The man grimaced and said:



Is there anything so self-evident that cannot be doubted?

Is the world just a figment of our imagination?

See, even the physical world can be doubted!

Philosophers like to make us doubt what we think we know.

Their tool is the “capacity to think rationally.”

We doubt many things, the doubting demon could be encoded in our DNA!

So can we rely on our ability to reason well?

We cannot doubt whether our capacity for reason is flawed or not.

We can say it has served us well or can we?

Stop doubting everything ! Look what happened to Doubting Thomas, the disciple, he was martyred in India for doubting the resurection of Jesus.

“Lets have a drink and forget the whole thing.”

My friend said:

“I doubt whether whiskey is the answer.”

I replied:


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