Why Are You So Happy?

Here is some “ scientific research”.

It has to do with why some humans are always grouchy while others are always bubbly and happy.

This question has always bothered me. Being a grouch myself, I wanted to know: Why? Why?, are there so many smiling faces?

So, a scientist kindly took a look at students and how they reacted to bad grades.

He found that the gloomy students blamed themselves for their terrible grades.

On the other hand, those who are happy and bubbly most of the time, usually blamed other things for their poor grades. Maybe the teachers were no good. Or something was on their mind, distracting them. It was never their fault!

So, the conclusion was that the gloomy group were right, they were at fault, themselves. They were realistic!

The “ happy” people were just kidding themselves. They were at fault, also, but they would not accept it. Someone or something else was to blame. They were unrealistic!

So, the cheerful people don’t really realise what’s going on. That’s why they are happy!

Someone said to me the other day; “ Cheer up, things have a way of turning out alright and get better in the end.”

I said: “ If that’s true, how come undertakers are so busy?”

Two presidents come to mind:

First, Abe Lincoln, he hardly ever had a smile on his face. That’s because Abe was well aware of what was going on and it was depressing.

Second, take Ronald Reagan, who was almost always smiling. He even admitted he didn’t always know what was going on!

So, here we have the gloomy president and all that was around as far as weapons go, was a short-range cannon.

And then, we have the happy president, who can’t stop laughing, and mankind has the means to destroy itself!

So, conclusion, people who smile a lot are not better than those of us who frown a lot!

Some people even go as far as to say, “ Smiling is unnatural”. While being grouchy and frowning is natural, since gravity tends to pull our faces and everything else downwards!

End of this “scientific research”!


2 thoughts on “Why Are You So Happy?

  1. Hmm. Something to think about. I’m kind of 50/50. What does that make me?
    And I really hate anyone who comes at me with t cheerful face before I’ve been awake in the morning for at least an hour.

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