Chicago Style Opportunity

I was talking to a chap in the corner tavern the other day. We were sitting on our high stools at the bar. We were talking to each other by looking at our reflections in the mirror behind the bar.So we didn’t have to turn our heads, it’s easier on the neck!


Well, anyway, he told me he knows an opportunity when he sees one. By the way he was buying me drinks from the money he earned from this opportunity.


I wish they would clean that mirror, I look like I didn’t shave!


Oh well, let’s get to his story. He happened to be walking along the path minding his own business, when a bus and a truck crashed. Nobody was going to the morgue, but about 15 passengers were injured.


So this chap went into ACTION! He wasn’t going to try to rescue anybody, the firemen were doing that. What he did was to sneak through the side door of the bus and slump on a seat and begin moaning as if in extreme pain.


He continued his charade all the way to the A&E, where they gave him pain pills. He went home, took a week off work and wondered how large his personal injury claim would be. It was $1000 just for being a little sneaky.


We both ordered another drink. When all of a sudden we heard a god-awful bang outside the tavern. A car and a bus collided! The whole tavern emptied out.


Everyone was either trying to get on the bus or some just laid down in front of the bus. It was quite a sight. It was my first time doing something like this.


We were all holding our necks or different parts of our bodies and moaning. We were all taken to the hospital. I was fitted with a neck brace! I ended up with $1500, just for a good piece of acting.


Is it worth the effort? Well, the chap I was with, said he’s on the way to financial independence!


Maybe I should continue “ writhing in agony” for compensation!


It’s all in a day’s work, Chicago style!


Does this happen in your town?

2 thoughts on “Chicago Style Opportunity

  1. Nice, Dave. Reminded me of the one time I was involved in a car accident in Arizona. I rearended someone, but barely touched him didn’t even knock the dust off the bumper …. turned out the guy was a personal injury lawyer and tried to claim major back injury – true story.

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