Worthy Women

My friend and I were having our lunch on a park bench where we discuss the problems of the world.

“My wife told me the other night that she read an article that said a wife is worth £20,000 per year!”

“That’s a lot of money,” my friend said.

“With all the work they  do, I guess it’s about right,” I said.

“I don’t think so. Whoever wrote that article should be shot. They’re starting a lot of domestic arguments.”

“You would have to pay a maid that much to do all the work your wife does.”

My friend shook his head.

“Do you realize I could live in a beautiful hotel with maid service for that money and not have to put up with nagging and the mother-in-law.”

This guy was not happy with his wife!

“I think you’re being too hard on your wife,” I said, trying to ease his anger.

“How do you know how much my wife is worth, you’ve never met her.”

‘Look, I didn’t write the article.”

He was looking daggers at me now.

“She does cleaning, cooking and washing, doesn’t she?” I said.

He laughed.

“She cleans a “lick and a promise” when dusting. Her cooking is mediocre and the last time she did the laundry she washed my wallet, which was in my trouser pocket. The wallet contained my paycheck and credit cards!”

He was absolutely livid now! I thought I better shut up.

“So, don’t try to tell me what my wife is worth unless you have met her!”

I thought any minute now he will attack me!

“And another thing, I only make £20,000 per year. I can’t afford her. I think I’ll kick her out tomorrow.”

I went home that night and told my wife about this guy’s diatribe.

“ I’m glad you stuck up for us women, honey. That estimate of £20,000 is low,

I think.”

“I agree with you, darling,” I said, smiling sweetly.

“That friend of yours has such a lousy disposition, I don’t think he could get any hired help to stay with him. Next time you see him, tell him, marriage is the only answer for him!”

“I’ll do that, darling, now what’s for dinner?”

8 thoughts on “Worthy Women

  1. So true about some men, they really do not appricate what us women do, we do it as second nature, because we love our partner and just in general because we are born workers!!

  2. I don’t think women are worth that much, after all God put them here to serve men he didn’t say anything about money. I pay my wife with love and respect. My wife would never wash my wallet, I never let her that close to it. Good story cousin, keep up the good stories, LLC Jim

  3. My wife will never see this. I’ve told her many times that she is worth more than a million to me. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  4. Larry Primak said:
    I remembered my time in Korea, while reading “Worthy Women”. The Korean men barely did any work at all. Their wives did everything, working the land, cooking and cleaning, bearing and rearing children.
    In 1953, when the cease fire was reached, the US gave the indigenous people all forms of motorised equipment to help them. By the late 1950’s a common sight there was the rusting equipment in the fields and the women behind an ox doing the ploughing. The plough looked like something from the 1800’s.

  5. My wife has not read this. I asked her yesterday morning if she reads Daves blog. She said no. I just said “OK” and let it go at that.

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