Writer Dave’s New Novel

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Dave Winston lived and loved. He didn’t want much from life. Tormented by the hostile world he found himself in, he did not see what he was becoming. Living with a painful affliction and a lifetime of depression, paranoia and mood swings, Dave tries to overcome his demons and the frightening situations he finds himself in.


Dealing with a world that conspires in his misfortune, Dave searches for that measure of peace we all seek but seldom find. Sometimes what you become, at different stages of your life, is NOT what you wanted!

Turning Avocation Into Vocation


To be happy and content, you need to have a reason for your existence. An avocation can help give you this reason. Avocation is different from vocation in that it’s an occasional occupation that fills your spare time enjoyably. It is a choice, made by you, of some activity that gives you a sense of purpose and meaning plus a direction in your life. Your avocation brings you a sense of self-importance, self-respect and the feeling of belonging to the whole of society.


Sometimes our vocations bog us down in endless routine and don’t give us much self-esteem. Avocations can help regain a favorable opinion of ourselves. You feel good about yourself because you are engaging in an activity that you have a burning desire for. It supplies you with ego food!


In many instances an avocation can turn into a vocation, especially after retirement. For example, a person doing woodworking finds that the items made fetch a good price, and it flowers into a small business. Or someone writing short stories or novels, finds there is a market for their brand of fiction. The opportunities for profit are there for many avocations enthusiastically followed.


The idea of avocation turning into vocation becomes very important in the middle years. Between the ages of 50 through 65, you need to devote some time to avocation preparation. You need to develop an interest over which you could exercise complete control. An activity where no one can sack you or give you orders. The preparation and eventual accomplishment of this avocation will guard against deteriorating mentally and physically later in life.


Having an enjoyable avocation can also combat middle-aged cynicism. This malady is a disillusionment with life and a lack of faith. The hopes and ideals of youth may not have been fulfilled completely. So, in these middle years, you need to re-evaluate your goals and keep them realistic and achievable. Hopefully, the establishment of an avocation will come out of this re-evaluation and faith in life will be renewed.


Life requires growth, and through your vital interest you will gain personal growth and well-being. You will move forward and enjoy your present moments, which are the essence of life.


We all need an interest which gives us a sense of purpose and meaning. It’s a very personal thing. Some find it in woodworking, others in writing or in many other endeavors. This feeling comes from within, and when you have it, you feel happy and content. I, myself, feel personally satisfied in writing this article.


So, get busy and get that interesting avocation that can be turned into a vocation. Take that step now to fulfillment and a reason for your existence.

Problems Are Good For You

“I don’t need or want any problems, thank you.”

This is probably the typical response to the dictate, “Problems Are Good For You”. Too many problems tend to break people down. You need to be strong minded and have courage and hope to face problems.

But, on the plus side, solving life’s difficulties increases our confidence, our courage, and our powers of strategy and efficiency. By facing and conquering obstacles, your mind grows strong and your character develops.

For many people, problems mean insecurity. But in reality, the only internal security you have is in the knowledge that you can handle life’s difficulties in a positive way.

Many people avoid dealing with problems because they fear failure. This fear leads to emotional, mental, and physical immobility and the inability to function productively.

Sometimes, failure in solving a problem is just someone else’s opinion on how it should be solved. Once you realize there are many ways to solve a problem and many learning experiences connected with the search for a solution, total failure won’t exist for you!

Even if you don’t completely solve a difficulty, you can learn just from trying. Without trying we learn nothing. So even out of so called “failure” can come good!

After you have faced problems and not run away, and come up with solutions, you become a person filled with confidence. You become secure in the knowledge that you can handle any difficulty that comes along in life. This confident thought inspires and strengthens you. Solving problems can change your destiny. Every victory helps you acquire a sense of purpose, meaning and fulfillment in your life.

So, problems ARE good for you!



“Writer Dave has attempted to write about something that is really important. There is nothing to fear except fear itself, but writing about it in a creative way is very difficult. I am not yet brave enough to write a serious article. I salute Writer Dave, a brave man!”