Endless Life


What if you had eternal life? You would not get old and frail.

After 50 years added on to the Biblical 70 you would be 120 years old.

All your relations, lovers and friends would have died leaving you ALONE!

At 130 years old you have grown bored and weary

You lacked all ambition and the projects you have started seemed pointless now that you have ENDLESS TIME!

You longed for the GRAVE!


What a surprise, IMMORTALITY IS A CURSE!

People think to have endless time would be great.

UNTIL you actually live it!!!


WE NEED DEATH to give shape and meaning to life.

Without the thing we know will happen some time, namely death, life would be pointless.

At 70 we say there are so many places to see, ao much to do and experience, if only we had more TIME!


Making full use of time would be meaningless if we had endless time.

Existence would become a pointless burden.


In conclusion:

We are responsible for how we use the time allotted to us.

We should stop thinking, “I wish I had mire time” and think instead “if only I had made better use of my time.”

SO DO THAT: Make the best use of your time under the circumstances you live with.



The Bribe

Most Prime Ministers would want to run a clean, more honest administration with no corruption.

But when someone whispers in their ear:

“I’m prepared to give 25 million pounds to help provide clean water for thousands of people in Africa.

In return I want to be knighted in the New Year honours list.”

The dilemma is:

Can it be so wrong to sell a knighthood when the reward would do so much good?

What to do?

There’s two views on this dilemma:

The  reward should benefit many people.

Then the PM should take the bribe.

Due process and the rule of law would stop the PM from taking the bribe.

If the PM refuses he will be accused of being more interested in keeping himself pure then helping thousands of people.

His desire to be moral is actually immoral!

If he took the bribe what other corruptions would follow?

Would he lie to the people and by doing so he can win their support for a war they would otherwise oppose?

If net consequences for bribes are all that matter to politicians how can they stay not corrupt?

Or was it impossible to begin with?

Doubting Thomas

“Hey, what are the self-evident truths in the Constitution?”

“Well, there’s “all men are created equal.”

They have unalienable rights, Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.”

The man grimaced and said:



Is there anything so self-evident that cannot be doubted?

Is the world just a figment of our imagination?

See, even the physical world can be doubted!

Philosophers like to make us doubt what we think we know.

Their tool is the “capacity to think rationally.”

We doubt many things, the doubting demon could be encoded in our DNA!

So can we rely on our ability to reason well?

We cannot doubt whether our capacity for reason is flawed or not.

We can say it has served us well or can we?

Stop doubting everything ! Look what happened to Doubting Thomas, the disciple, he was martyred in India for doubting the resurection of Jesus.

“Lets have a drink and forget the whole thing.”

My friend said:

“I doubt whether whiskey is the answer.”

I replied:


Back To Front

The Professor said:

“Human behaviour can always be explained by our history as evolved beings from animals.”

A hand flew up in the class.

“Why do kids today wear their baseball caps the wrong way round?”

“Animals advertise their suitability to a mate by how strong they are.

Consider the baseball cap, worn in the traditional style it is protection from the sun and also the gaze of other kids.”

There was a pause by the teacher so the point sunk in

“By turning the cap around, the male is signaling he doesn’t need this protection. He is tough and strong.

Second, inverting the cap is a gesture of non-conformity.

He is above the rules and again this signals superior strength!”

“But couldn’t you look at this differently?”, said the kid.

“Maybe the inverted cap is a signal of weakness to avoid and resist peer pressure.

Maybe it has nothing to do with evolution!”

The Professor shook his head.

“Supporters of the evolved being idea say we just don’t want to acknowledge how much we are the products of our animal history,”, said the teacher.

The kid wearing his cap with the peak forward just shook his head in confusion!




Laughter As We Go On Aging

Remembering that the “ODDS” are us oldies don’t have too long.

Pushes us to be “AWAKE” to every minute and enjoy.

Because almost everything “FALLS AWAY” in the “FACE OF DEATH”

leaving ONLY what is important.


It’s funny that youngsters see OLD AGE as a foreign country!

But really youth and oldies are often a MIRROR IMAGE of each other.

Just as a 20 year old has their whole life AHEAD OF THEM.

Their 80 year old grandfather has a long past to look BACK ON.

The young wonder what will happen in life.

The oldie wonders about their health and how long they can

maintain their INDEPENDENCE.


So what is our TASK as oldies?

It is to make peace with our lives and live for the moment.

We try to focus on the bigger picture.

We want to better prioritise  and appreciate our lives and our relationships with others.

We coped with life’s negatives and hopefully we appreciate life’s positives.

We hope to enjoy the good parts and make the best of the bad ones.

Overall life is more straight forward when you’re old.

We’ve had more years to make mistakes and a lot more chances to learn from them.

You know the road ahead is much shorter and what roads there are, you’re

just going to WALK!


The Fleeting Present

What is the reason we don’t stay in the PRESENT too often?

EVOLUTION says if we spend too much time in the PRESENT our survival could be threatened!!!

What if a mugger sneaks up behind you on the street?

What if anxiety sneaks into your thoughts?

We don’t worry about animals sneaking up on us anymore!

Like Prehistoric Man did!

AWARENESS in the PRESENT is only fleeting but that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it?

But your mind drags you back to where it needs to be…

“I have to remember to buy shower gel.”

“I hate my feet and my face!”

To stay in the PRESENT, you need to practice, only with practice can you unwire and rewire patterns of thought.



Instead of the survival of the fittest, lets have SURVIVAL OF THE WISEST!!!

Try to make a difference in ONE LIFE in this world of 7 billion!

I want to make sure that ONE LIFE won’t ever again have to feel powerless and alone.

When I complete my aim, I will have done it!!!  Make a difference in ONE LIFE that is.

So what can us oldies do?


Howling At The Moon

A shortie this time since I just came out of hospital.

Howling at the Moon–expending energy on hoping you can have something that you might Not get.

Also dwelling on your suffering.

Simetimes self-pity is hard to avoid.

We had two full moons in October and one was on Halloween.

I went outside  and howled at the moon on Halloween.

My neighbour thought I was a WEREWOLF!!!

What I want is to shrink my enlarged prostrate so I can pass urine normally.

It will take about 4 months of taking the tablets to shrink it sufficiently.

I will start this week on the pills.

Keep your fingers and ties crossed for me.

In the meantime “HOWL” it’s a great way to let loose and let off steam.