New Rules For Globalisation

Why doesn’t the world cooperate better on SHARED problems?

Because the global thinking is on Trade and Economics NOT on other priorities such as Public Health and Climate Change.

We need to reconfigure Globalisation with more emphasis on Public Health and Climate and a more relaxed approach to economics, trade and finance.

Define Globalisation–the process by which businesses and organisations develop international connection and start operating on an International scale.

What about the World Health Organisation?

It could become the central instrument of a refigured Globalisation.

But right now people are critizing the WHO for not jumping on China right away(shutting down air travel etc.)

It underestimated the magnitude of the China contagion.

Not much global harmony when the blame game starts!

We need to build a globalisation for Public Health, aimed at preventing and stopping pandemics.

The WHO could create an early warning system, a common info base, and large medical research and vaccine development budgets.

Another priority for Globalisation could be to focus on our environmental challenges.

It could create worldwide binding emissions quotas maybe even carbon taxes.

Covid 19 has exposed the need for new priorities in Globalisation.

The virus defies national borders and just spills over from country to country.

The effort made recently to secure trade agreements between countries have yielded only modest to no success.

What if that effort was made to preparing for pandemics and limiting green house gases?

We would have been better prepared and maybe the fall in global income wouldn’t have been so bad.

So the pandemic had uncovered the frailty of all human beings and the arrangements we have devised to co-exist on this Earth.

So we have to change our global thinking to take something of value from this dark time.

We need to forge a different and better world out of this crisis.