Black Beauty, The Untold Story-“Mobility Menace”

I remember how pleasant it was by the big window in the showroom. The room was light, warm, quiet and quite luxurious to me. For you see I had just come from the factory, which was dirty and noisy!

When I first arrived at the showroom, they polished me up until my black body was gleaming. My model name glistened on the front of my body. “ Black Beauty”, it said on a white background. I was very proud and ready to help someone get around.

I, you see, am a Heavy Duty, Four-Wheeled, Mobility Scooter, top speed 8 MPH!

After two weeks of carefree days looking at the passing parade outside the showroom window and receiving all the kind care from the people in the showroom, I was sold!

My owner was a small man in his seventies who walked with a limp. He had stringy grey hair slicked back, small eyes and a long pointed nose. His features were bird-like. He mumbled to himself a lot, also.

When we got to his house, he said, “ Well, Black Beauty, I hope I get my money’s worth out of you.”

And then he kicked my tyres. He kept me in a dark, damp shed in the back of his garden. What a change from my lovely showroom!

The next day, the door of the shed opened and the light of day streamed in. He got onto my cushioned seat and of we went. He scratched my body going through the gate. He didn’t even stop to inspect my damage!

We raced down the path at 8 MPH, which was against regulations, only 4 MPH was allowed on the pavement!

We whizzed past adults and children, almost hitting them. We passed a red scooter and the owner shook his fist at us!

We arrived at the Super Market, we went through the door in a flash. He finally slowed down when he bumped me into a shelf—another scratch! When he looked for his groceries, he blocked the aisle, not caring about others.

At the checkout he knocked a woman’s leg in front of us. She glared at us.

“ Watch where you are going old man”, she shouted.

I felt so sorry and embarrassed, but not my owner. He just shouted back.

“ Don’t shout at me, I’m disabled!”

On our way out he knocked over a shelf. The tin cans went everywhere. The manger banned him from the store!

On the way home, he was going so fast we almost tipped over. He had turned me into a Mobility Menace! My owner was a little shaken up from our outing.

After that, I ended up in the damp, dark shed for months. It was a shame not being used by someone who would take care of me and drive carefully.

Finally, one day, the shed door opened. My owner’s son said,” This is the Black Beauty, it needs a little cleaning up.”

I was sold again. My new owner was a lady in her sixties whose legs were weakened permanently after a long illness. She had a kind face and a gentle touch on my controls. I lived in a clean, airy garage with a window. My owner’s husband took good care of me, polishing my black body every week.

My new owner rode me carefully, within the rules. She often said to me when no one else was around, “ Black Beauty, I rely on you so much, you are like a friend.”

Being with her was even better than being in the showroom. I served her proudly to the end of my days.

Article-Anger, The Unwanted Emotion?

This article is for all you frustrated philosophers out there. ANGER, is a self-provoking word. I hope this article makes you  STOP and THINK!

Like the bee’s sting, anger is self destructive and when it explodes, verbal and physical violence often ensues.

This emotion makes you feel miserable and depressed. Heated arguments, trying to make people understand your position, put a physical and mental strain on you. It can cause ulcers, high-blood pressure and heart trouble. If you can eliminate it, in the majority of instances, you will keep your sanity, your health and your happiness.

What is anger, anyway? It is strong feelings arouse by injury, injustice or wrongs, real or supposed. It makes us feel unworthy and guilty, it pulls us down from our true level as human beings. It is a wrong choice most of the time.

When anger is part of you, too much of the time, you concentrate on your grievances with life. To ease this you must concentrate on your successes, then you will gain confidence and feel good.

Like all emotions anger is the result of thinking, in this case wrong thinking. It comes from frustration, when we fail to achieve goals or satisfy basic desires.

Everyone feels frustrated, now and again, because we are imperfect, and the world is complex. But we don’t want destructive emotions to follow our frustration. We want constructive thinking to follow.

Annoyance, irritation, and disappointment are feelings that you very likely will continue to experience, since the world will never be completely the way you want it to be!

So you must convince yourself that anger weakens you and makes frustration unbearable. It attracts the wrong conditions, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. While constructive thoughts, confidence and courage attract the right conditions.


Now, all this is well and good! But, there is such a thing as Righteous Anger.

If people abuse you or a loved one, and if a child is bullied, anger maybe all you’ve got! It’s a defence mechanism. If you don’t use it, you have to cringe away.

A good burst of anger can clear the air. Are we not supposed to get angry at things like cruelty, injustice or stupidity?

I once heard an interesting story on how to channel your anger. A man got a very abusive letter from an acquaintance. The man was so enraged that he was on the brink of feeling sick!

“ What shall I do about it?” he asked his wife.

“ Write and tell him what you think of him. Get it all out of your system on paper.”

He did so.

His wife read the result.

“ Very good,” she said. “ Now do you feel better?”

“ Much better, thank you. Now, I’ll send it,” said the man.

“ Oh, don’t send it. It’s done it’s job. It has released your anger. Now tear up both letters and throw them away,” said his wife, smiling.

So, the elimination of anger, when you don’t need it, is going to lift a weight from your body and mind. You are going to enjoy life, relieved of tension and strain.

In most situations, say to anger,

“ You’re Unwanted!”


Your thoughts, please.

An Article–Problems Are Good For You

“ What? Problems are good for me? No, I don’t need or want any problems, thank you.”  This is probably the typical response to this article’s title. But there is plenty of evidence that problems are  good for you. Solving life’s difficulties increases our confidence, our courage, and our powers of strategy and efficiency. Problems can be the best things that happen to us, if we tackle them positively and see the advantages that can arise from victory.

Solving problems is what humans do. It’s what we do best. If we didn’t solve problems, we would still be making noises in the trees! Victory over problems equals growth and achievement in life. Life implies growth. In your psychological world, If you are growing you are alive. If you are not growing, you are psychologically dead. Solving problems keeps you mentally alive. By facing and conquering obstacles, your mind grows strong and your character develops.

Difficulties should be viewed as opportunities for growth and achievement. With each victory you grow in wisdom and experience.

It has been said that every problem has it’s solution hidden in it, and benefits come out of the solution. Thinking of this truth, creates enthusiasm for solving problems.

Bring on the problems! Get into the habit of having a positive mental attitude because your success in meeting challenges depends on it.

Many benefits come out of victory over social problems- overcoming social injustice, relieving poverty, better housing, etc.

Conquer the bad attitude of not wanting or avoiding problems.The more problems you have to solve, the more alive you are. Obstacles are a part of life, because everything in our world is in a constant process of change.

To many people, problems mean insecurity. But in reality, the only security you have is in the knowledge that you can handle life’s difficulties in a positive way.

Many people avoid dealing with problems because they fear failure This fear leads to emotional, mental, and physical immobility. But “ failure” in solving a problem is just someone else’s opinion of how it should be solved. There are many ways to solve a problem and many learning experiences connected with the search for a solution. Even if you don’t completely solve a difficulty, you learn just from trying. So even out of so called “ failure”, can come good.

Some people even make money from exploiting people’s  problems to some extent. Take some counsellors, for example, who often enjoy their problem involving jobs because it boosts their own egos, self-worthiness, self-importance and sense of superiority at the expense of problem sufferers! Hopefully, they help the sufferer a little, while they get these benefits for themselves.

After having faced problems, and not run away, and come up with solutions full of benefits, you become a person filled with confidence. Secure in the knowledge that you can handle most difficulties that come along in life. This thought inspires and strengthens you. Every victory helps you acquire a sense of fulfilment in your life. So, problems are good for you!

What do you think?

Web of Guilt-Beth’s Outburst

John’s  POV

I was relaxing in my study having a cocktail and admiring the oil painting I had done of Carl and I. Then Beth came in.

“ I’m so glad you and Carl are getting along so good. Carl seems very happy. He’s had a rough time the first thirteen years of his life. But since I befriended him, he is much happier.”

Beth’s expression was strained.

“ What’s wrong, Beth?”

“ Some thoughts have been bothering me. Dad, do you consider Carl as a son?” said Beth, abruptly, glancing up at the huge oil painting.

“ Yes, he is like a son to me. What brought this on?”

“ Well, I’m seventeen years old and I’ve only really known you for a month! And yet I am your DAUGHTER! A BLOOD RELATION! You abandoned my mother and me in England. I’m your daughter and you haven’t had time for me until now.”

I was taken aback!

“ I sent your mother money when I could. She knew my address in Chicago, but she only wrote to me once to tell me she didn’t want to hear from me anymore!”

“ That’s no excuse, I was your daughter, didn’t you care about me?”

“ Of course I cared and I felt guilty, but your mother never even sent me a picture of you.”

Beth was glaring at me now. Was it hate I saw in her eyes?

“ In the following years, I got married and had a son. Sadly, they both got killed in a car accident in which I was driving! I was completely devastated. The, in 1949, I met Carl as a thirteen year old boy. I befriended him and since then we have gotten very close.”

I could feel the tension in the room!

“ So, all these years I had no father but you had two sons! It just isn’t fair, I hate you!”

Beth turned and went upstairs to her room and slammed the door.


My daughter’s outburst rekindled my memories of my boyhood. It was anything but happy…

My father was a drunkard. When my mother wasn’t around he would beat me just to let out his frustrations. I hated my father! I had a father, but I would have been better off not having one. A terrible thought.

When I was a teenager I felt the world was a hostile place. Because of my grievances with life, I acquired a skewed sense of reality.

When I became a man, I felt I had a dual personality. Sometimes I’d be mister nice guy and then I would switch abruptly and do something antisocial. When I was pressured I would lash out at the world!

So when Romato pressured me to pay up my loan and then threatened my life, I did anything to survive!

Then, my wife and son got killed when I was driving. So I linked up with Romato to get back at a hostile world. I got used to big money and the feeling of power that the criminal world gave me.

The dark side of me came to the forefront which resisted any moral control that I might have had.This shadow of my self, now, has complete control over me except when it comes to Carl and Beth’s well being.

I often wonder if my personality is split. But, even the moon has a dark side…


I went upstairs and knocked on Beth’s door and opened it. She was lying on the bed crying. I went over and sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed her back. She moved away from me.

“ Come on, Beth, don’t be like this.”

She sat up abruptly.

“ How am I supposed to feel? Now, you’re trying to lessen your guilt by getting me together with Carl, like one happy family.”

“ Yes, that’s what I would like us to be, a family.”

Beth wiped a tear from her cheek.

“ I’ve had this hate inside me for what you did all my life. I felt guilty for hating you. Now, I find out you have a son figure and you treat him better than your blood relation.”

Beth, I’m sure we can work this out. I love you and Carl and that’s why I introduced you to him.”

My daughter just stared at me in silence.

“ Tomorrow night I’m going to have Carl over for dinner and we three will talk this out”


Carl’s  POV

It was Monday after work. I got a call from John. John and Beth wanted me to come over to talk something out. I wondered what was up. From John’s tone of voice, it sounded important. So I rapped on John’s door within the hour.

“ Come on in, Carl,” said my friend, looking grim faced.

John led me into the lounge, where Beth was sitting, looking grim faced as well!

“ What’s this all about, John?”

“ My daughter has voiced her concern over our father-son relationship, since I never was a father to her until now.” John broke off abruptly, choked with emotion.

Beth jumped into the conversation. “ I feel very left out, wondering where I stand.”

“ I just want us to be a family,” said John.

I looked at both of them and knew I would have to reconcile this situation, otherwise I will lose both John and Beth.

“ I want us to be a family, too. I’m torn apart listening to your two punishing yourselves. I’m so grateful I met John. He’s helped me over many rough spots since my father got killed. Now, I’ve met you, Beth, and I feel so comfortable in your company. It would be a shame to throw our relationships away because of guilt.”

They were both listening to me intently.

“ Beth, I think I’m falling in love with you, and I certainly don’t want to lose you.

John, you are my father-image, ever since I was thirteen years old. I don’t want to lose that friendship. We all feel guilty about some aspect of our relationship. But guilt is a corrosive emotion. It makes us feel like we deserve blame and punishing. Well, I love you both and I very much want us to be a family. So let’s stop this depressive thinking and get on with being grateful we three are together. We should be happy!”

John and Beth stared at me with sadness in their eyes. I hugged them both and we all started laughing. The misconception was over. The rift was healed.

The three of us went out to dinner!

Web of Guilt-The Riverview Incident



Note: It is 1959. John’s love child, from his army days, Beth, his daughter, has come over from England to live with him. John introduces Carl to Beth and they start dating.


On our third date I took Beth to my favourite place of my youth, Riverview Amusement Park. Even the entrance was stunning. You walked under a huge archway about sixty feet long and thirty feet high.It was painted red, white and blue, the colours of : Old Glory”, the American flag! Coloured bunting was draped across the midway. The man selling balloons was right at the gateway to the park. He was as colourful as his balloons, with his candy stripped jacket! He looked like he might float away with his big bunch of balloons!

“ I’m so excited, Carl,” said Beth, glutching my hand.

“ This is just the entrance, wait until you see the rides and attractions!”

I paid our admission and through the turnstiles we went. The crowds were streaming in under the bright sunshine. I could smell the hot dogs and onions on the grill at the food tent.

“ Smell that, Beth, dogs and onions, we’ll have one later.”

“ Cotton candy! Cotton candy!” the vendor shouted.

“ Want some cotton candy, Beth?”

“ Oh, yes please, in England we call it candy floss.”

It just melted in our mouths.

“ Well, Beth,we’ve got a lot to get through today, so let’s start with the “ Tunnel of Love”.

We jumped into the rickety boat and entered the dark tunnel under the big red heart hanging over the entrance. I stole a kiss from Beth, she giggled and it echoed through the darkness.

When we came out into the light, Beth said, “ You’re a sneak, Carl Willis, I wasn’t prepared for that kiss, but I enjoyed it anyway!”

“ Well, at least you didn’t get bitten by the Black Widow Spider!”

“ What!” Beth was wide-eyed.

“ Just a rumour, I think,” I laughed.

“ The Greyhound next.”

As we approached the Greyhound rollercoaster, I played experienced coaster rider!

“ Now Beth, the Greyhound is known as the “ beginner” coaster, it has smaller hills. My father took me on it when I was eight years old.”

“ So Carl, we’re starting tame and working our way up”

“ That’s right, you’ve got the idea.”

We jumped into one of the cars, it had a safety cage over it. It resembled a silver train I put my arm around Beth and off we went up the first hill. Beth let out a little whimper when we headed down.

“ Well, that was a nice smooth first hill with just a little excitement. But I enjoyed it,” said Beth.

A few more small hills and that was the end of the ride.

“ Guess your age, sweetheart?”

It was the clown at the “ Guess Your Age” booth.

“  Oh Carl, do you think he can guess my age?”

“ Well, let’s see!”

I paid the twenty-five cents and the clown started scrutinizing  Beth from all angles. Beth was giggling away!

“ I’ll have to guess within two years,” said the clown.

He started mumbling to himself.

“  Twenty years old,” he said.

“ You’re wrong,” laughed Beth.

The clown’s painted face went from smile to grimace!

“ Well sweetheart, before you pick your prize, I’ll have to see I.D. with your birth date.”

Beth showed the clown her I.D. and selected her prize.

“ You looked older than seventeen,” he snarled.

Beth picked a chain necklace with the emblem “ Riverview, Chicago” attached to it. I put it around Beth’s neck and fastened it.

We started walking and kicking the saw dust that covered the entire midway.

“ What’s next?”

“ It’s Aladdin’s Castle.”

“ What’s that?”

“ It’s the Fun House, filled with mirrors, smoke and slanting floors.”

The huge building had a big grinning image of Aladdin over the entrance. I paid the admission and we entered the first room full of crazy mirrors. We had a great time looking at our distorted images.

Then came the rolling barrels. You had to walk through, but we both fell down half way laughing.

Next the tilted rooms. We were getting dizzy now, but it was great fun.

At one point there was an outdoor balcony platform that connected the sections of the building. On this balcony the designers had built in a series of high pressure air jets. As the gals would be walking over the jets, the operators would release them. It was hilarious! Beth screamed! The air jets went off and skirts and petticoats went flying upward. Crowds would gather by the fence out front just to watch the show!

We came out of Aladdin’s Castle laughing uncontrollably.

“ Carl, you knew about those air jets, you devil you.”

“ Nice legs,” I smiled, sheepishly.

Down the midway we went hand in hand.

“ There’s our next ride, Beth,” I pointed up two hundred feet above us.

“ The Pair-o-Chutes! Oh no, Carl, that looks too scary,” cried Beth.

“ Come on, Beth, where’s your sense of adventure?”

Beth was looking up to the top of the tower. She was clearly nervous.

“ How does it work,Carl?”

“ You see that chute going up now?”

“ Yes.”

“ Notice the four guide cables attached to it, they stop it from floating away. The central cable is for hoisting it up.”

Beth was biting her bottom lip!

“ Now, when it gets to the top it hits an uncoupling device and down it comes, opened up.”

The admission paid, Beth and I climbed the stairs to the swing chair that held two people.

“ Just enough room for both of us, Beth.”

Beth stared straight ahead. The operator fastened us in with a broad leather belt.

The wind began to blow! The “ up” button was pushed and we were slowly lifted skyward. It would take a couple of minutes to get to the top. The Chicago skyline was before us. The upward ride was scary for some, but very enjoyable for others.

“ Isn’t it a beautiful view, Beth? You can see quite a distance over Chicago, to the river.”

“ Carl, I feel the flapping of the parachute in the wind. We’re vibrating!”

“ Just part of the excitement, Beth.”

Looking down, as the people on the ground were getting smaller, I noticed two men aiming binoculars up at us.Were they the same two that had been harassing Beth and myself on our last two dates?

All of a sudden a loud “ CLICK” sounded and the chute was released! Beth was screaming during the free fall

“ Carl, I’ve got butterflies in my tummy,” shouted Beth.

The chute opened and we drifted down. “Ker-Plunk”, we hit the shock absorbers at the bottom.

“ Hold on, Beth,” I yelled.

We hit the shocks with such force that the springs stretched to their full limits. Then they recoiled with a force that bounced us in the seat violently! We were very wobbly when we got on solid ground again.

“ Oh, Carl, that was out of this world!”

“ It’s an exciting ride with the slow ascent to dizzying heights, the free fall, the fast descent and the great bounce at the end. It takes your breath away!”

I didn’t want to worry Beth about the two men with binoculars. I was looking around to see if I could spot them. But they had disappeared!

“ Well, Beth, here’s our last ride. The largest rollercoaster in the park!”

“ How high is the first hill, Carl?”

“ About ninety feet, then a steep drop going fifty mph with heavily banked turns.”

Beth just stared in disbelief as she listened to the screams coming from the cars whizzing past.

“ When we were kids, this was the ride that separated the men from the boys,” I said, boldly.

“ Carl, the cars are completely open!”

“ Yes, isn’t it great? You’re not locked in your seat, there’s room for movement, just a hand bar over your lap!”

The sign said, “ The Bobs, 17 hills of thrills!”

I paid the admission and we walked up a steep ramp to reach the boarding platform. The walk up felt like the march of the condemned to execution!

We got into a car and put the bar over our lap and waited. The coaster train started it’s ascent. Click-a-ty Clack, went the chain link pulling the train of cars to the top of the first hill. As we neared the top, all of a sudden a figure jumped up in the car behind us and hit the bar across our lap with an iron pipe and dislodged the bar and it fell loose!

The coaster went over the top, we were hanging on to the sides of the car with all our might. Beth was screaming, we hit the bottom of the hill and the tightly banked turn with such speed that the “G” forces threw us from side to side, alternately pinning us one against the other, almost flying out of the car!

As we went up the next hill, I looked behind and there were the two men dressed in black! The men with the binoculars. When we went over the next hill they were trying to push us out of our car! Beth and I were fighting them with all our strength.

Beth bit one of their hands and drew blood. I was receiving violent hits to my arms, trying to make me let go of the side of the car. At any moment I was afraid both of us would tumble out!

One of the operators of the ride saw that we almost flew out of the car at the banked turn. He signalled the motorman to bring the ride in on a spur by activating a switching device.

The train of cars glided into the station. The two men behind us disappeared into the confused crowd and into the busy midway.

Beth and I were battered and bruised. Beth was in a terrible upset state! The park security men took us to the park first aid station and they dressed our wounds. A policeman came and took our statement. He reported the incident on his car radio. We couldn’t provide much of an identification other than two heavy-set men dressed in black!

We called John to come and take us home.

Three dates and three attempts to harm us or worse!

But I think I’m the real target!