You’re Being Watched and Watching the Borders

Subtitle: “Better Surveillance and Less Immigration”

“You are being watched!” There are over 60,000 CCTV cameras in the UK. Walking around big cities like New York or London a person could be filmed 300 times a day!

These cameras were perceived to be a great help in stopping terrorism and crime. Now, we even have “face recognition” systems similar to number-plate recognition cameras.

I would hope this technology will help in the fight against terrorism and crime. But what bothers me is that only 15-20% of the cameras are monitored from a control room. I think more should be monitored.


Since 9/11, we recognized the need for better surveillance. The Americans and the British have become very good at collecting dots (data), but NOT very good at connecting them to find a target in advance.

With the advance in computer technology we have redefined our definitions of privacy and security. We need total information awareness, which hopefully, will help predict when and where terrorist attacks will come.

Today we can intercept a lot of cyber chatter. Phones can be cloned so data from one phone is transferred to another phone. Calls and texts can be received by both phones and tracker systems are better.

Now, we have arrived at a higher plateau of “better surveillance” because…

Now we have a “machine” in the form of the new NSA Utah Data Center. This machine is supposed to “connect the dots” to identify suspicious patterns.

This machine is a warehouse that contains information about every person in the United States. It monitors internet searches, websites visited, emails sent and received, social media activity, phone GPS location data, phone call records, facial recognition data from CCTV surveillance cameras, etc. The UK could use one of these machines.

The final thing is to share info between your allies and with other intelligence agencies. Before this machine, the intelligence agencies were amassing data on a scale no human or agency could keep up with. But now, with the Utah Data Center that problem will be rectified. Maybe, just maybe, we will have “better surveillance”.


The immigration crisis and the EU open border mandate has to be dealt with before our infrastructures are completely ruined by the increasing pressure of too many people coming into the country.

There is an uncontrollable wave of migrants marching across Europe. It’s uncontrolled because no one is doing anything to solve it! There are people that say we must be compassionate and charitable toward the migrants, but the reality is that we can’t cope with the numbers! Compassion and charity begin at home! The people in this country need to be taken care of first. In my opinion the only way we can control our borders is to exit the EU!

350,000 people signed a petition to stop immigration and close the borders. Closed borders means strict vetting of incoming people and turning back the ones that shouldn’t be in our country.

According to reports there probably were another 250,000 people that agreed with the petition but didn’t sign because they thought the powers that be would just kick it into the long grass!

So, that means 600,000 people are fed up with the situation. If we wait much longer to close the borders, the situation will get worse, and it is unsustainable now!

Every time people raise legitimate concerns about their country and express their anxieties, they are labeled as racist or bigots. The majority of the 350,000 people that signed the petition are NOT racist or bigots. They are people that are concerned about their country. It doesn’t matter what religion or ethnicity the migrants are, the bottom line is that this country can’t cope with any more people. We are OVERPOPUATED!

There are, in England, 450 people per sq. kilometer! We are the sixth most overcrowded country in the world!

Brussels allows us NO CONTROL over this migration. Several terrorists have entered Europe posing as refugees! Our borders are porous, the holes must be plugged!

We have to tackle mass uncontrolled immigration. It must be strictly measured and controlled and the way to do that is with closed borders and the way to get that is to exit the EU!

With mass immigration you get pockets of different cultures segregating themselves and with infrastructure breakdown, people get angry. Social cohesion breaks down and then the worst might happen – full scale social unrest on the streets. In some parts of the UK extremist groups have built no-go areas for white Brits. This is social unrest rearing it’s ugly head.

British citizens have three feelings about migrants:

  1. People come here to claim benefits and live a lifetime on them.
  2. People come here to get on in life, they want a job and look after their families.
  3. People come here that have evil intentions and want to destroy our way of life.

The trouble is we get all three sets of people coming in!

We must check integration, so that people who come here are NOT setting up a new community, but want to become part of an existing one.


In conclusion: I hope the “Powers That Be” will take notice of the petition, “Stop Mass Immigration and Close the Borders”, that was signed by 350,000 people. The majority of these people are NOT racist or bigots, they are concerned citizens and permanent residents of this country that are frustrated and angry at the way government is handling these important issues and they want to be heard in the halls of Parliament!

The open borders are exposing us to the risk of terrorist “sleepers”. Now, we want to further fan the flames of terrorism by bombing Syria. We haven’t learned our lessons from past interventions. Lets hope we do before things get worse!

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Old Age and Existentialism

Writer Dave is an Existentialist. I have been one for the last fifty years! But back then I probably didn’t know that I was.

Subtitle of this blog: “Interview with an Elderly Existentialist”

Question: What does existentialism mean to you?

Answer: It’s always been a challenge for me to live an existential life. Since I’ve been an adult, I’ve created my own purpose and meaning in life. I’ve always tried to assert my will rather than allowing myself to be swept along by circumstances. I knew that I had to take responsibility for myself and what I do.

Question: What is your definition of Existentialism?

Answer: You are a free agent, responsible for making your own meaning and purpose in your life. In other words, YOU MAKE YOURSELF.

Question: We’re talking about Old Age and Existentialism. What does that mean to you?

Answer: Being elderly brings many existential challenges. You have to come to terms with the transitory character of life. Life is not permanent. You must find a way to cope with your approaching death, possible illness, loneliness and depression. You have to be ready to respond to the basic questions of existence.

Question: Wow! That’s quite a list to cope with. Can you elaborate on dealing with your mortality?

Answer: Well, with my time growing shorter, I’m confident I can and will adjust to the boundaries of human existence.

Question: Faced with life’s limits, as you get older, and the changing conditions of life, what questions arise?

Answer: For what do I still live? I live for my writing and to be a companion to my spouse. I am still productive and creative.

For what have I lived? It was good, I was productive in my work life and I contributed to society.

Question: The previous questions, do they lead to the question of meaning?

Answer: Yes, they do. The question is: What meaning does this life have which ends in death? I have created my own meaning through my work life and now through my retirement, and I’m happy with it!

Question: What is the question that MUST be answered to ward off old age depression?

Answer: The question is: Is there something beyond this life?

Without a PERSONAL answer to this question a seed of unrest will be with you and could lead to depression for the rest of your days.

Question: What is the final thing you need to face the “last straight”?

Answer: Personal maturity. This is the ability to “let go”, which is possible if you have done what you wanted and lived for what you wanted. Through my existentialism and my writing I am continually discovering my inner self, which helps me in the “letting go” process.

Question: What would you say in conclusion?

Answer: The old person, like myself, faces the basic questions of existence, regarding it’s limitations and transitory character and in doing so, has the responsibility to live as fully as they can until the “back nine” is finished! Growing old successfully allows a person to develop their inner self for a death that is THEIR death!


“A natural death is where you die by yourself without a doctor’s help!”

and another one:

“The nearer the time comes for our departure from life, the greater our regret for wasting so much of it!”