Maintaining Mental Equilibrium

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be good at living life?

They seem to glide effortlessly through life and they know how to roll with life’s punches. What’s their secret?

It’s no secret, they just know and apply the rules of mental equilibrium.

Lets go through them:

  1. Don’t try to change the unchangeable.

The only influence we really have is over ourselves, so we can only change our mindset, how we respond to our circumstances

  1. Don’t live in the Past, it’s gone!

You can’t change anything that has gone before, so turn your attention to the Here and Now. The only way to live is in the Present, it’s the only life you have.

  1. Don’t live in the Future, it’s not here yet!

Don’t let fear of the future ruin your present. The Here and Now is the moment you must appreciate, it is your Reality.

  1. Stay connected to your Healthy Mental Functioning.

What is it? It’s your Natural state of mind, your common sense, your emotional buoyancy, it’s your ability to adapt to your circumstances, it’s your sense of perspective, your internal equilibrium, your feeling of peace, it’s INNATE!

Sounds like it’s pretty important, doesn’t it?

Your healthy functioning is NOT concerned with what happens in your life. It is concerned with how you relate to what happens.

Your healthy functioning is what makes happiness possible!

  1. Don’t align yourself exclusively with your Thought System.

It is only concerned with how you compare with others, your pursuits, your intellect, your ego gratification. It’s job is to think, compare, contrast and analyse. This is inconsistent with enjoyment.

The difference between your thought system and your healthy mental functioning is:

Your thought system comes up with what “it thinks” would make you happy.

Your healthy functioning is what makes happiness possible.

  1. Every moment in your life is a Choice Point.

Do you think negative or do you rise to the challenge?

Can you direct your thoughts to good, positive thoughts?

It’s your choice!

  1. Live in the Present Moment. It’s the only life you have!

Next time you feel depressed notice where your thoughts are.

They will be in the future or reviewing the past.

BUT, life is Right Now!

You can live in three different time dimensions in your head.

The Past—“WHY” mode, you’re thinking about Why things happened.

The Future—“WHAT IF” mode-Fear of the future.

The Present—This is the only one actual time dimension; the Present.


In conclusion: I hope you remember this blog post because there is a lot of WISDOM in it.

The idea that has helped me let go of the past and future is to understand that:

Life keeps moving forward—it doesn’t care what I think of do, SO I might as well NOT WASTE my time on things I can’t control.

Life keeps moving forward and so WE MUST keep moving forward.

All these rules have ONE GOAL:



Shift Your Perspective and Live In The Present

When will it happen, this sudden shift? It usually comes out of the blue when you face a difficult situation. It is a sort of insight that occurs and from that moment on life looks different.

An important point of a sudden shift in perspective is:

There is no relationship between the “feeling better” aspect of a sudden shift and your external circumstances.

What happens is that you look at the same set of facts in a new way, a different way than you did before. It is a shift in Perspective, not a change in circumstances.

When tough times come in your life, and you can’t change them, what you have to do is change your thinking about the situation to a healthy coping.

So, the bottom line is, nothing has to change in your life in order for you to feel good BUT your thinking!

This leads to our biggest point:

The way you feel is determined by the thoughts you are thinking.

Example—Alice and Ed had been married for 30 years, most of those years were very routine and unsettling, they had arguments and it seemed their love had gone out the window. Then Ed had a diagnosis of terminal cancer and Alice and Ed had a shift in perspective. Their anger faded away and seemed insignificant. They looked at their life differently now and decided to enjoy their present moments.


The average person has approximately 55,000 thoughts entering and leaving the mind every day. Most just come and then are dismissed.

But if we’re in the habit of thinking negatively, these thoughts seem to stick. We have to dismiss them and replace them with good, positive ones.


You need to live in the Present to enjoy life. You can’t be tied to the past of think about a negative future which is what we do when we face a difficult situation that can’t be changed.

When you face a situation you can’t control, you must NOT let fear of the future take away from you’re present.

The present is the only life you have. YOU MUST LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT AND ENJOY IT.

Because that’s the only time you can live.

You waste your life thinking about the past or the future.


Well, when you understand how your thinking works you will dismiss any thoughts you don’t want.

Concentrate on what you are doing in the here and now.

Life is nothing more than a series of present moments to be experienced one after another.

It’s the only life we have so why squander it with distorted thinking?

Present-moment living means you are choosing to pay attention on what’s happening RIGHT NOW; and you enjoy and appreciate just this moment.

Whenever you feel discouraged and frustrated try to notice how DISTANT you are from the present moment, you are not living your life WHEN YOU ARE OUT OF THE MOMENT!

The only peace you will find is right where you are, IN THE PRESENT, the only place you can live.

When you live in the present, you will notice your fear of the future fades away. You see that worrying about the future is a WASTE OF YOUR LIFE!

Your life is more enjoyable living one moment at a time, one day at a time.


So, my friend, the choice is yours, live in the present and enjoy the only life you have.

The past and the future are just thoughts, where as you life is RIGHT NOW!


One last idea I will leave you with and PLEASE remember this at all times: