Exploitation Is OK?

Joe went to the same cafe every day.

Why? Because of the good food and low prices.

How did, Jane, the owner, do it?

Jane said her staff were from Africa.

They can’t get regular jobs so she houses them in her basement and feeds them.

She pays them a fiver a day.

They work six days a week.

That’s how she can offer low prices.

“It’s better than nothing for the Africans,” says Jane


Joe decided to boycott the cafe.

But exploitation happens all the time.

We import cheap goods and they are cheap bebcayse the people making them are being paid very low wages.

And when we buy cheap goods we are helping maintain the exploitation!

Also competition from businesses that employ workers that are low paid cause properly paid workers to lose their jobs.

There have been many injustices which whole sections of society supported.

Consider the actions of whites during apartheid, men before women were given equal rights, etc.

It’s wrong to support exploitation, but we do it!!!.




Two Futures

I wondered:

What if I had a choice between two futures.

In one future my prospects were dim and chances of realising my dreams slim.

In the other future I would be a famous rock star, rich and happy.

The catch was in the first future life would be in the Real world.

The second one would be in a virtual reality machine,

What would you do?

Would the phoniness of the second one bother you?

“The phoniness wouldn’t bother me if I was rich,” said my friend,

Why am I holding back?

Because life in the machine would be UNREAL.

Success wouldn’t be on merit, it would be handed to you,

“Success depends on luck, being in the right place at the right time.

Why let what you merit bother you?” said my friend.

“But I would be abandoning the Real World!”

My friend laughed.

“Get with it, if you think it is more real because it was caused by the Big Bang instead of silicon chips, you are fooling yourself.”


Well, what’s it going to be…

“A humdrum life or a life of fame and happiness?”

“What’s holding you back?”

“I think our futures should be a product of our will and effort.”

“I don’t care about will and effort, Im going into the machine,” said my friend.

I stared at him in disbelief as he disappeared into the machine.

My friend was going to be happy just because he would be rich!

I’ll stick with the Real World and work hard for my rewards.